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Superintendent's Blog

Welcome to the blog of Mrs. Crew, Superintendent of the Tecumseh Local School District! Mrs. Crew will focus on news about the district, interesting student work, and achievements by students and staff on this blog. She will also share information about pertinent educational topics.
Opportunities for Professional Development
Posted 10/14/2018 at 7:34:13 AM by Paula Crew [staff member]
       Some may ponder why Tecumseh Local Schools embeds three professional development days and monthly two-hour delayed starts within the calendar schedule each year.  You may ask yourself what do they during these times and why aren't students in school instead? I'd like to take this opportunitiy to share with you how these days are utlilized and how they are beneficial to our students and staff.  Similar to disctricts throughout Clark County, Tecumseh Local Schools recognizes the need for profressional development opportunities for our staff members that will ultimatley foster an increase in student learning and growth. Additionally, with state mandates and district-driven initiatives, we need time to work together to achieve such activities and initiatives. For example, at our last full-day in-service earlier this month, the Second Annual T-Tech Conference took place. We have a District Technology Committee in the district, comprised of administrators and educators representing all buildings. The DTC worked diligently to plan for this in-service day which focused on incorporating technology within the classroom to enhance the educational opportunities of our students. Educators were presented with a list of sessions, most facilitated by our own staff members, and were able to select four sessions on topics they felt would be most beneficial to attend. In-service days such as these provide an opportunity for our collective group of educators to receive in-depth professional development, that we would not be able to provide when school is in session. 
      I'd like to extend my appreciation to the District Technology Committee for organizing our most recent in-service day. A lot of preparation and planning went into making this a successful professional development opportunity for our staff. Ultimately, it will be the students who reap the benefits of this opportunity, as our educators can use the knowledge gleaned through the sessions they attended to incorporate the use of technology into their lessons. 
      If you have any questions, or would like further detail regarding our professional development plans at Tecumseh Local Schools, please contact me at paula.crew@tecumsehlocal.org.  I'm happy to talk with you about this information specifically, or any additional information you'd like to know about Tecumseh Local Schools.
Curriculum Visits
Posted 10/4/2018 at 5:13:59 AM by Paula Crew [staff member]
We have a District Leadership Team that met this week to conduct curriculum visits. The District Leadership Team (DLT) is comprised of the district administratiors and several teachers representing each school. The purpose of the DLT is to oversee the District Improvement Plan and make appropriate changes to the plan as needed. There are three goals on the plan: Goal One focuses on student academic learning and improvement. Goal Two focuses on supporting positive behavior and the mental health needs of our students. Goal Three focuses on the incorporation of technology useage by teachers and students to enhance student learning. Three times a year the DLT conducts Curriculum Visits. The Curriculum Visits are an opportunity for the DLT members to ascertain the degree to which the strategies outlined in the District Improvement Plan are being incorporated within the classrooms.  A curriculum visit checklist is used to record evidences of specific strategies used. The DLT analyzes the data to determine what areas we need to give additional attention to as identified in the District Improvement Plan. This is a group of committed educators working diligently to improve student learning and achievement.
Powerful Message on In-service Day
Posted 9/23/2018 at 6:07:38 AM by Paula Crew [staff member]
Tecumseh Local staff, joined by the Northwestern Local staff, listened to a presentation by Tim Kight today. Tim Kight is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Focus 3 Foundation. He works with many organizations, including the Ohio State Football team. Tim helps organizations align the power of leaders, culture, and behavior to achieve results. His message in a nutshell is to strive to manage our responses to any given situation, whether it be in the work setting, or in our home lives. The concept E + R = 0 seems simple, but it's quite powerful.  The "E" respresents the events we encounter daily. We all encounter situations or events everyday.  They are going to happen and we can't stop them...but our response or our "R" will determine the "O" or the outcome of those events. We can choose to have a "below the line" response, which will negatvively affect the outcome, or we can choose to have an "above the line" response which will help us problem solve and learn from the event.  We are striving to choose above the line responses at Tecumseh Local Schools.
A Successful Start to a New School Year
Posted 9/8/2018 at 9:05:23 AM by Paula Crew [staff member]

From the Desk of Superintendent Crew

Students and staff members have worked hard to get back into routines for the start of another school year.  Several new positions were added to the district in an effort to support students, staff and parents. We have partnered with the Clark County Commissioners and the Clark County Sheriff’s Department to hire a full-time School Resource Officer, dedicated solely to Tecumseh Local Schools. Deputy John Loney, our SRO, has worked diligently to help provide a safe environment. He has strived to meet as many staff members and students in his short time with us. The connections and positive relationships he is making with our students are quite impactful and, often times, can assist in proactively deterring  potential issues and safety concerns. We would like to thank and acknowledge the Clark County Commissioners for their financial support to cover more than half the cost for Deputy Loney. We’d also like to thank the Clark County Sheriff’s Department for supporting the SRO Program at Tecumseh and throughout Clark County.

All school districts have experienced an increase in the number of students who are in need of counseling services and mental health services. At Tecumseh Local schools we have many initiatives in place to help support our students in this area. Prior to this year, we had guidance counselors at the middle and high school. Recognizing our elementary students, staff and parents are in need of more support, we created a new guidance counselor position beginning with the onset of the school year. Mrs. Meagan Wagner, our new elementary guidance counselor, divides her time between Donnelsville, New Carlisle and Park Lanye Elementary Schools. We have established a mental health committee at Tecumseh Local Schools.  The committee works to determine the specific needs in our district and researches potential strategies and initiatives that will support this area most effectively.

Recently, the district offered staff members, parents, and community members the opportunity to complete a survey.  The survey is the first step in a comprehensive strategic planning process we are embarking on at Tecumseh Local Schools. We had an excellent response to the survey, with close to 600 individuals completing it. We would like to thank those who took the time and effort to respond. We are currently in the process of organizing a strategic planning committee.  Individuals on the committee will include staff, parents, and community members. During the first meeting, scheduled for October 11th, committee members will analyze the survey responses, which is the first step in creating a strategic plan.

It’s an honor to work at Tecumseh Local Schools. We have  dedicated staff members, parents, and community members that work hard to provide an excellent educational opportunity for our students. If you have any additional questions, or would like more detail about the information shared, please do not hesitate to contact me at paula.crew@tecumsehlocal.org.  I welcome any opportunity to talk with you about Tecumseh Local Schools.
An Outstanding Start to the School Year!
Posted 8/22/2018 at 6:38:10 PM by Paula Crew [staff member]

We are off to a great start to the school year. I’d like to express my gratitude to ALL of our staff members who worked diligently to prepare for the return of our students! Each contributed to this team effort in a unique way. I’d also like to thank the parents for helping your students return to a new school year, attending open houses, and sharing your child with us!

We’ve had a busy first week with many positive initiatives happening throughout the district. I’m not sure if you are aware, but we have collected plastic bottle lids as a district for the past year. The students in Mrs. Wright’s classroom at Tecumseh High School started this recycling project with a goal to collect 400 pounds. This amount of plastic lids can be converted into a recycled bench. The students reached their goal last year, and a red and black bench is now located at the west side of Tecumseh High School for all to enjoy.

What we found is people continued collecting the lids and turning them into the district. So, what began as a single-class initiative, morphed into a recycling project with the entire district and community involved in the collection of plastic lids. This collection went on throughout the year and into the summer. On our first day of school the lids were weighed and loaded into a large box truck. The total weight…one ton! The plastic was taken to a recycling center and in exchange, Tecumseh Local was given FIVE more recycled benches! The benches will be donated to different schools and throughout the community in the next couple of months. We are still collecting plastic lids and plan to continue with this recycling project in the future.

The momentum of the community and the district working together to make this happen is exciting. What this tells us is we can do anything if we work together as a united front. I’m looking forward to the many more things we can do together for the betterment of our district, our community, and most of all our students!

Safety Training for the Transportation Department
Posted 8/10/2018 at 6:56:32 PM by Paula Crew [staff member]
Our bus drivers participated in safety training this week.  Drivers reviewed appropriate responses to take if dangerous situations develop on the school bus.  Some of the scenarios they practiced responding to included an intruder coming on the bus, a weapon on the bus, and evacuating the bus in the event of a fire.  I'd like to extend the district's appreciation to the New Carlisle Fire Department and the Bethel Fire Department for their assistance and expertise today.  They helped by fogging the bus to simulate smoke in order to make the drill more authentic.  Drivers took turns practicing evaculating students under these conditions.
Safety and security is continuously on our radar at Tecumseh Local Schools. We continue to explore additonal methods to provide training for our staff and implement addditonal safety measures at Tecumseh Local Schools. 
Clark County Fair Begins
Posted 7/20/2018 at 6:44:21 AM by Paula Crew [staff member]
The Clark County Fair begins today through next week.  This is the exciting culminating event for many students, staff and parents of our district, as it reflects hours of preparation and hard work.  The students, and often times parents as well, have spent hours caring for their livestock and animals throughout the winter and spring months.  This includes routine early mornings and late night feedings and cleaning of stalls.  The FFA Proram at Tecumseh Local Schools provide students an opportunity to develop a strong work ethic and responsbility as they care for their animals.  I encourage people to take time to visit our students at the barns as well as the numerous students projects at the fair.  Thank you for all involved in making this opportunity possible for our students!
Welcome New Administrative Team Members!
Posted 7/1/2018 at 10:06:35 AM by Paula Crew [staff member]
I am thrilled with the additions to the administrative team we have to begin a new school year at Tecumseh Local.  The change started with our new Treasurer, Denise Robinson in January.  Denise has been a crucial addition to our team, as her years of experience as a school treasurer has already resulted in major savings in several areas for the district.  More recently, the BOE approved the promotion of Mr. Ivan Gehret from High School Principal to Assistant Superintendent.  Although he officially begins this position on August 1st, he has already started taking on projects and responsibilities this summer.  I am looking forward to partnering with Mr. Gehret to lead this incredible district.  At the board meeting last week, the BOE approved the hire of our new High School Principal, Mr. Aaron Oakes.  Mr. Oakes comes to us from Tipp City High School, where he served as the Assistant Principal.  Mr. Oakes plans to continue with the implementation of PBIS at the high school, which is a system that provides positive systems and strategies of support to serve all students.  This is something I support and feel strongly about to help our students succeed, regardless of the barriers they face.  Lastly, the BOE at Tuesday's meeting approved the hire of Ms. Beth Moore as our new Curriculum Specialist.  Ms. Moore has taught fifth grade in our district for close to twenty years.  Her expertise is in the area of reading literacy, curriculum development and data analysis.  She will be a vital asset to assist our administrative team and staff as we continue to improve the learning process for all students K-12.  This is an exciting time at Tecumseh Local Schools as we add these new positions to an already excellent administrative team.

Safety and Security are on the forefront at Tecumseh Local Schools
Posted 6/22/2018 at 5:33:55 AM by Paula Crew [staff member]
 Safety and security measures are contstantly on the forefront at Tecumseh Local Schools.  The Board of Education and our staff continuously evaluate our needs and execute plans to maximize the safety for our students and staff.  Most recently, the Board of Education approved the hiring of a School Resource Officer assigned solely to Tecumseh Local Schools.  We'd like to welcome Deputy John Loney, who will be our School Resource Office effective with the onset of the upcoming school year.  Deputy Loney's office will be at the high school, but he will be actively involved with students and staff in all of our school buildings.  Deputy Loney is a veteran deputy with the Clark County Sheriff's Department and he is excited to get started!
We'd like to extend our appreciation to the Clark County Commissioners who stepped up to help cover over half the cost for employing Deputy Loney.  They were receptive of our request for assistance, which I appreciate on behalf of the welfare of the Tecumseh Local School District. We'd also like to express our appreciation to personnel at the Clark County Sheriff's Department for their support and assistance in making the School Resource Officer program possible.
Summer Food Programs
Posted 6/15/2018 at 9:05:47 PM by Paula Crew [staff member]

There are several food programs available for our students this summer. Impact Bethel will once again be hosting their annual summer lunch program. Free lunches will be served to area children starting Monday, June 4th through Friday, August 3rd at two locations. The locations include the shelter houses in Smith and Raynor Park. The Park Layne location will move to Good Shepherd United Methodist Church on days it rains. The program is available for children up to eighteen years of age who live in the Tecumseh Local School District.

Second Harvest Food Bank will host a summer food program every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at New Carlisle Elementary beginning June 12th and ending July 26th from 1:15 – 2:15 for students eighteen years of age and younger. Students will receive a box lunch that will usually be a hot meal. Students will also receive fresh fruit and vegetables and a “go pack” of non-perishable food each Thursday to take home.  A food pantry will be available on these days for parents to visit.

We are fortunate to have these organizations and volunteers to assist with summer food needs. 

Please contact me at paula.crew@tecumsehlocal.org with any qeustions. 

Greetings from Tecumseh Local Schools
Posted 6/9/2018 at 5:45:10 AM by Paula Crew [staff member]
I am honored to be the next superintendent of Tecumseh Local Schools.  We have an amazing district with a team of dedicated staff that strive to meet the needs of all students.  Communication is paramount.  My plan is to use this Blog platform to share information and events, as well as celebrate the successes happening at TLS.  I welcome questions and communication you may have for me.  My email address is paula.crew@tecumsehlocal.org.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have quesitons about our school district.

                              "Learning for All ~ Whatever it Takes!" 


About Mrs. Crew
Superintendent Paula Crew
Mrs. Paula Crew has served as an administrator with Tecumseh Local Schools since 2003.  She spent a decade as the Director of Special Education and Professional Development, and five years as the Assistant Superintendent, until her promotion to Superintendent in the spring of 2018.  Prior to working at Tecumseh Local Schools, Mrs. Crew began her career as a teacher for students with special needs followed by an assistant principal at Clark-Shawnee Schools. She is also a veteran, serving six years in the military.  Mrs. Crew enjoys being actively involved in many of the school and community initiatives and events and has a passion for education and Tecumseh Local Schools. Her educational philosophy supports that of the district, Learning for All ~ Whatever it Takes!
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