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From the Superintendent's Desk: Bill Backed by Superintendents Aims for Deregulation
From the Superintendent’s Desk

A group of superintendents created SB 216 in an effort to remove some obstacles placed before us by the State School Board and/or legislators.  It has been labeled the “deregulation” bill, and it is an effort to return the control of public school districts to the local school boards.  Many of the provisions in SB 216 have been altered already, and the process has been frustrating for superintendents.

I’ve worked as an administrator in Ohio since 2004, and it becomes more and more difficult each year to lead the district effectively and without obstacles.  The State School Board and legislators continually invoke unfunded mandates on school districts, and none of them have improved education.  Education, specifically teaching and learning, has improved since I entered the field of education as a first-year teacher in the fall of 1976.  However, these improvements have occurred because the practitioners have brought about positive changes.  Testing, rules and laws have hindered educators, not helped them.

If you believe that educational decisions involving your children should belong in the hands of local school boards, use your vote to select a governor, state school board members and legislators who also believe that.   It’s time to wrest the control of Ohio public school districts from the politicians.  Be conscientious and know the office seekers’ views and opinions on education.  Your vote is important, and it’s the only tool you have to invoke your opinion and your views.   
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Norm Glismann, Superintendent
Tecumseh Local School District
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