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Bully Proofing Our Youth at New Carlisle Elementary
Bullying is not something we take lightly at New Carlisle Elementary School. We try to arm our students with tools that will help them in situations we know will come up.

We start by bringing in our DARE Officers in at the beginning of each year to present to our students about the harm in bullying. The officers explain the differences between a bully and a student being “mean”, and how to handle other students and what to do if someone is truly bullying them. This year, in addition to our DARE officers, we have invited Jim Bisenius the presenter of Bully Proofing Our Youth to our school. He gave two presentations, one to the fourth graders and one to the fifth graders. We also invited parents to attend and hear the messages their children were receiving. Mr. Bisenius’ message is strong and very empowering for the victims of a bully situation. He gives advice on how to take the power back from the bully. Our students need to know they can stand up for themselves and they DO have a voice. I am hopeful that our students will take this information and feel empowered to be strong and bully free!
By Kathryn Randenburg
New Carlisle Elementary Principal

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