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Ohio Revises English Language Arts and Math Standards
Ohio educators drove the process to make improvements to Ohio’s Learning Standards for Mathematics and English Language Arts (ELA) as part of a periodic review effort to make the standards more clear. Why were the standards revised with teacher input? Ohio’s Learning Standards for Mathematics, English Language Arts, Science and Social Studies were adopted more than six years ago. Ohio began a process in 2016 to review all the standards and update them where necessary, based on teachers’ experience in using them.

Learning standards tell teachers what skills and knowledge their students should have in each subject and grade to be on track for success in college and careers once they graduate. Standards are different from curriculum. Tecumseh Local Schools choose their own curriculum - which is how teachers teach and what materials they use.

The State Board of Education approved the revisions to the Mathematics and English Language Arts standards in February 2017. Science and Social Studies standards will be revised and submitted to the State Board of Education for final approval this December through Winter 2018.

Tecumseh Local teachers will begin the process of transitioning to and implementing the revised standards for Math and ELA this Spring and will continue this process into the next school year. Teachers will embed the revised standards into daily instruction, curriculum and assessments; preparing our students for Ohio’s State Tests that will assess the revised standards in 2018-19.

By Cecil Foley, Curriculum Supervisor
Tecumseh Local School District
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