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Summer Work Keeps Buildings in Top Shape
The summer months provide Tecumseh Local Schools the opportunity to complete projects throughout the district to keep our buildings and grounds in the best possible shape. Our six buildings are beautiful, but we continuously assess and address issues that arise to ensure they stay this way as long as possible and to protect our community’s investment in great schools for our students. Each spring, we conduct a thorough visual inspection of the grounds and buildings to determine the short- and long-term needs and financially map out a plan to address these needs.

This summer, we will address some painting and tiling needs at most of our buildings. It is necessary to rescreen the gym floors at the middle and high school due to frequent usage throughout the school year. Our custodian teams at each building spend many summer hours annually stripping and rewaxing all floor surfaces to keep them in excellent condition. We will address some roofing needs over the auditorium, which is the portion of the high school that remained from the previous high school building.

We have a few bigger projects on the grounds scheduled for this summer as well. Asphalt repair work will take place to some degree at each parking lot. Cracks will be filled in to lengthen the life of the asphalt, as top coating and applying resurfacing is an expensive expenditure. With these steps, we will maintain the current parking lots as long as possible to avoid the need for the higher replacement expenditures. The parking spaces, crosswalks, and entrance markings will be repainted where needed. The playground areas are assessed to determine if the mulch levels are at the required safety depth. This summer we will address mulching needs on the playground at Donnelsville and Medway Schools.

We are cognizant of the importance at Tecumseh Local to stretch our dollars as much as possible when maintaining our buildings and grounds. We plan and budget for needed projects and services several years ahead of time when possible. Any safety issues that may arise in the buildings or grounds throughout the year are addressed immediately to ensure a safe learning environment for our students.

By Paula Crew, Assistant Superintendent
Tecumseh Local Schools
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