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Donnelsville Elementary Focuses on the Positive
Donnelsville Elementary has been focusing on the positives in our building this year with Positive Office Referrals for students showing positive traits. At Donnelsville we focus on being Responsible, Respectful, Peaceful, Problem-Solving Learners. Students are written up for showing these and other positive traits , meeting a goal, or helping their teachers or fellow students. These are all reasons to celebrate students and their contribution to our building.

So far this school year we have had over 400 Positive Office Referrals by staff! That is a lot of positivity in our building! When a student receives a referral, Mr. Burkholder calls them to his office, reads the referral to them, awards them a couple small prizes, takes their picture for the hallway, has them on the school-wide announcements, and sends the referral home in the mail so parents can celebrate their child as well.

At Donnelsville, we believe celebrating the positive helps create an environment that kids will want to grow and learn in. It’s an environment where kids strive to be more positive so they can make our building a better place to learn and maybe even be caught being great. It becomes a goal for many of our students to receive a Positive Office Referral during the year. Because students can be written up more than once in a school year, we get many students who are recognized 2-3 times or more. Enjoying school and recognizing the worth and positive contribution of our students is very important to the staff at Donnelsville. We would love for you to come in and see our front hall decorated with the smiling faces of over 400 students at our building. Donnelsville is making a difference in our community by recognizing and encouraging the good things our students do.
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