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Tecumseh Introduces NWEA Testing for Student Growth
Beginning this school year TLS implemented NWEA MAP testing for students in grades one through eight; NWEA MAP stands for Northwest Evaluation Association Measures of Academic Progress.

MAP assessments are designed to target each student’s academic performance in the core subject areas (social studies is not offered). These tests are customized to a student’s current achievement level. This gives each student the opportunity to show what he or she knows and can do.

MAP assessments are used to measure a student’s progress (or growth) in school. The scale used to measure the student’s progress is called a RIT scale (RIT stands for Rasch unIT). The RIT scale is an equal-interval scale much like feet and inches on a yard stick. A student receives a RIT score which is used to chart the student’s academic growth from testing term to testing term and from year to year.

Our teachers use this information to track and monitor their student's progress in basic skills. The RIT scores let teachers know where a student’s strengths are and if help is needed in any specific areas. Teachers use this data to help them guide instruction in the classroom.

Thus far, TLS has administered two testing sessions, one this past fall and one following winter break. We will conduct our last testing session this May. These computerized tests are adaptive and offered in Reading, Language Usage, Mathematics and Science in grades 4 - 8 and Reading and Math in grades 1-3. When taking the MAP test, the difficulty of each question is based on how well a student answers all the previous questions. As a student answers correctly, the questions become more difficult, if a student answers incorrectly, the questions become easier. When taking the test, a student answers approximately half the items correctly and half incorrectly. The final score is an estimate of the student’s achievement level.

Ways to help your child prepare for testing
  • Meet with your child’s teacher as often as needed to discuss his or her progress.
  • Provide a quiet, comfortable place for studying at home.
  • Make sure that your child is well rested on school days and especially the day of the test.
  • Give your child a well-rounded diet. A healthy body leads to a healthy, active mind. 
  • Provide books and magazines for your child to read at home.
By Cecil Foley, Curriculum Coordinator
Tecumseh Local School District

* Information in this newsletter was taken from the “NWEA Parent Toolkit: A Guide to NWEA Assessments.”

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