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Transportation Department: Bus Ages Are Important to Safety, Finances
The Tecumseh Transportation Department is responsible for transporting students to and from school each day. Currently, we have 32 contracted drivers and approximately 2,100 students who utilize our buses as their mode of transportation daily. At Tecumseh Local, we have 38 buses in total, and 32 that are used daily to accommodate the specific bus routes.

One area we must continuously be cognizant of is the age of our bus fleet as a whole. Our current overall average fleet age is 11.5 years. Our goal is to maintain an average age as close to ten years as possible, as recommended by the Ohio Department of Education - Pupil Transportation Department. Each year the Tecumseh Local Board of Education purchases at least one or two buses to ensure that our fleet remains as close to ten years average age as possible. Just as with our personal vehicles, buses become increasingly more expensive to maintain as they age; thus the newer we can keep our fleet, the better off financially we are as a district in the area of transportation costs.

We have recently completed the Ohio State Highway Patrol safety inspection. Each year our entire bus fleet goes through a vigorous inspection by a State Highway Patrol inspector. We had no major findings with the latest inspection, as in past years, and we are confident our buses are operating within the safest possible standards.

We do continue to seek individuals who may be interested in becoming a bus driver. Tecumseh Local is not alone in struggling to find qualified drivers. A substitute bus driver shortage is a phenomenon occurring throughout the state. If you have an interest in learning more about the qualifications to become a bus driver, please contact the transportation department at (937) 845-4492.

By Karen Lokai, Transportation Supervisor
Tecumseh Local School District
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