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Helping Students Understand Their NWEA RIT Score
By now, your son or daughter has completed his/her first round of NWEA Measurements of Academic Progress Assessments testing at their grade level. It is important that students understand what their RIT - an estimation of a student's instructional level and also measures student progress or growth in school - scores means and how he/she may use that information to grow as a learner. 

Why must students be able to interpret or “read” their MAP score results? The Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) test results provides valuable insights into what students know and guide teachers’ decision-making about next instructional steps. Depending on the grade level, students take MAP assessments in Math, Reading, Language and Science three times each year. Students should have some knowledge of what their test results are and be able to understand that it is a measure of progress. 

By helping students “read” their MAP assessment results, we may reduce test-taking anxiety and motivate our students to take ownership in their learning. 

One way to reduce test taking anxiety is to remind students that when they take a MAP test, it is not a test of what they know, it is a test of what they are  ready to learn.  The intention is for the student and teacher to use the MAP results to influence academic growth. Students become empowered when they understand that assessments aren’t about results, but about showing their teachers what to do next instructionally. 

Sharing MAP test results with students is an important step in helping students understand the rationale behind taking the assessment and introducing RIT (Rasch Unit) scores as a way for the student and teacher to measure growth. Students may want to compare their RIT score with other students, but emphasize that RIT scores are for personal use. Students need to understand that growth - from one MAP result to the next - is more important than any one result. 

The purpose of MAP results is not to “judge” what students know; it is to give teachers actionable data to guide the student’s future learning. By helping students to “read” or interpret their MAP test results in an intentional and age appropriate manner, teachers can encourage students to take ownership over their own data and their learning. 

For more information, visit NWEA.org

*Excerpts taken from “Teaching Students to Read Their MAP… “by Tod Johnston

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