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From the Superintendent's Desk: The Cost of Four-Year College
From the Superintendent’s Desk

In August, the Dayton Daily News featured an article about recent college graduates from the area who were unable to find jobs related to their degree.  The article highlighted a number of people who had amassed a lot of college debt but weren’t able to attract a high-paying job in their chosen field, and raised questions about the value of a college diploma vs. the amount of tuition debt one can accumulate as a college student.  

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) found that in 2015 69.2% of 2014 high school graduates enrolled in college in the fall immediately following their high school graduation.  According to guidance personnel, 71% of Tecumseh High School’s (THS) 2016 graduates planned to attend a two or four year college in the fall.  That figure puts THS just above the national figure from a couple of years ago.

At one time, the important determination for a student hoping to enter college was acceptance.  Would that student be accepted into the college of his/her choice?  Today the more important decision is related to economics.  “I may be accepted by a college, but can I afford it?”  The NCES reported these 2015-16 average annual costs for undergraduate tuition, fees, room and board.

$16,757 at a public college ($6,613 for tuition and fees only)
$43,065 at a private non-profit college ($31,411 for tuition and fees only)
$23,776 at a private for profit college ($14,195 for tuition and fees only)

When added up over four years - or more in some cases - the costs to obtain a college degree are quite high.  If a student wanted to obtain a professional license in the area of law or medicine, the costs would be even higher.  THS students need to think about their future and have a conversation with their parents/guardians about college and whether that is an option.  Is it better to learn a trade and enter the workforce immediately after graduation?  Some students opt for the military after graduation.  These are difficult decisions to make, and there is no perfect answer for every student; however, each student needs to be thinking about his/her future and the possible consequences and outcomes for decisions that are made.  

Graduation arrives quicker than we think it will! Seek out all possible resources to help your children plan for a positive future. Our guidance department and educators are happy to be a resource for students and families in choosing the next step after Tecumseh High School. 

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Norm Glismann, Superintendent
Tecumseh Local School District
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