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TLS to Conduct Emergency Tests

   Last January, TLS participated in its first Emergency Management Test at our parent/student reunification site and practiced reunification protocols with the Tecumseh staff. A reunification site is a designated location where the district would reunify students with their parents in the unlikely case of a catastrophic event at one of our facilitates.

   Ohio Revised Code (ORC 3313.536) mandates that school districts engage in an EMT once per calendar year. In 2018, TLS will again participate in an Emergency Management Test that will evaluate our preparedness and potentially identify areas for improvement in our EOP in a building specific or district-wide emergency. 

   Why do we conduct these tests? As with any skill, the more you practice the skill the better you  become at performing the skill. We practice safety drills and conduct exercises throughout the year so staff and students become more familiar and less anxious with safety protocols. Although an emergency of this nature is unlikely, helping students and staff become more familiar with the practice ensures that they will be prepared if a situation arises.

   What can you do as a parent? Talk to your son or daughter about the need to practice safety, in case of a school emergency, remind him / her to listen to and follow the directions of their teacher(s), and to be aware of their surroundings at school and at home for any unsafe situations. 

   Please be aware that the district does not publish designated reunification and evacuation sites in advance to ensure that the sites would be a safe location for students and staff in the event of an emergency.

Additional Resources:
http://www.ready.gov/ (link is external)
http://www.ready.Ohio.gov/ (link is external)
http://ema.ohio.gov/ (link is external)

For more information, please contact Cecil Foley at 937-845-4475 or email at [email protected] 

By Cecil Foley
Director of Curriculum

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