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School Schedule for remainder of the year...

I would like to update you on information regarding the schedule for the remainder of the year....

Originally, May 8th, 15th and 22nd were embedded in the school calendar as days off for this year to be used as make up calamity days, if needed. We will now use these dates as instructional/enrichment dates and the last official student day will be May 27th.


The last day classwork will be assigned to our students will be Monday, May 11th. Students will have until May 22nd to complete any assignments given for the week of May 11th and any outstanding assignments from previous weeks they may need to make up. On May 18th, enrichment activities will be made available to students through their Google Classroom. The enrichment activities will not be graded or need returned. These are simply resources for you and your child that they can access throughout the remainder of the year and through summer if they would like. Although we will implement an “enrichment” period beginning May 18th, our educators and administration will continue to be available until the student’s last day on May 27th.

We appreciate the work our staff members have done to make remote learning as meaningful as possible with the short amount of time they had to prepare. They did a fabulous job! We also appreciate our parents and students who also had to acclimate quickly to a new learning platform. We know there have been frustrations and barriers with remote learning. This is one of the reasons we are transitioning to enrichment resources on May 18th. Hopefully, knowing the date when required remote learning will be finished will reduce stress levels for our students, parents and staff members. 

Additionally, we need to embed time into our May schedule to pack up student belongings, close our classrooms, collect library books, AR books and Chromebooks. Principals will communicate when the student belongings will be available for pick up at the buildings, along with other pertinent dates. We will collect all Chromebooks at Tecumseh High School, at the same location they were passed out, on May 27, 28 and 29. Specific information on returning Chromebooks will be shared several weeks before they are due.

We greatly appreciate the patience and flexibility our staff members, students and parents have had during this unprecedented time. We will continue to share information in other areas, such as graduation plans, sports updates, summer practices and camps, etc. as information is made available.  

Together, we continue to be Arrow STRONG!

Please reach out if you have any questions. ([email protected]).



Posted Sunday, May 3, 2020