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Seeking Substitutes in All Areas

The Tecumseh Local School District is seeking substitute teachers (must possess bachelor’s degree), paraprofessionals, secretaries, cafeteria workers, custodians and bus drivers (need special license and training).  Substituting is a great way to supplement your income.  You can essentially set your own hours, get to know your school district even better and have an opportunity to make a positive impact on your community.

Substitutes determine which days they can work making it a flexible job for people who may be going to college, working part-time or who want to be on the same schedule as their own children.  Please review the information below and contact the Board of Education office or a building principal if you have general questions about expectations and opportunities.

For information on each of these opportunities, please contact the following individuals:

Substitute Teachers: Clark County ESC @ 937-325-7671

Substitute Paraprofessionals, Secretaries, Cafeteria Workers and Custodians: Tecumseh Local School District @ 937-845-3576

Substitute Bus Drivers: Karen Lokai @ 937-845-4492

Rates of Pay for Substitutes:

Teachers: $85 per day

Bus Drivers:  $12.42 per hour Paraprofessionals: Minimum Wage (Currently $8.15 per hour)

Secretaries: Minimum Wage (Currently $8.15 per hour)

Cafeteria Workers: Minimum Wage (Currently $8.15 per hour)

Paraprofessionals (Classroom Aides, Title 1 Reading Aides, Aides to the Handicapped): Minimum Wage (Currently $8.15 per hour)

Custodians: $10.00 per hour

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NCES Families Enjoy Fun Math Night
Title I Math Night at New Carlisle Elementary was a huge success! We had six different math stations, prizes, and fun activities at each place.
Park Layne Introduces Word of the Month
W ord of the Month that has been introduced this school year.  The Word of the Month is introduced on our live morning announcements and revisited often on announcements and reinforced in the classrooms.   
NCES 5th Graders Visit Sun Watch Village
  New Carlisle Elementary 5th Graders have taken their field trip to Sun Watch Village.  They all enjoyed their time and learned a lot.  It was a great experience to see the Indian Village in person. 
TLS Organizes Medical Response Team
   A Medical Response Team was recently organized and the members were trained in October.  A small group of staff members from each building received in-depth first aid training by American Red Cross personnel.   
TMS Revises Accelerated Math Curriculum
Tecumseh Middle School is priming high-level math students to continue to excel and achieve their academic goals in mathematics. Personnel have worked to realign the district curriculum in math for students who are accelerated.   
From the Superintendent's Desk: The Cost of Four-Year College
In August, the Dayton Daily News featured an article about recent college graduates from the area who were unable to find jobs related to their degree.  The article highlighted a number of people who had amassed a lot of college debt but weren’t able to attract a high-paying job in their chosen field, and raised questions about the value of a college diploma vs. the amount of tuition debt one can accumulate as a college student.   
Tecumseh Honors Veterans
Tecumseh Local Schools will honor men and women who served our country again this year for Veterans Day on Friday, November 10th.  We would like to extend an invitation to all veterans in our community who have served in the military to attend our school programs.     
Grant Supports Park Layne Library
Altrusa International Inc., Springfield, Ohio Chapter, recently awarded the Park Layne Elementary library with a grant to purchase informational books regarding the challenges of having hearing loss so that our students and staff can have a better understanding of what it is like to suffer from hearing loss. 
Donnelsville Focuses on Differentiation
Differentiating instruction is something that teachers do every day throughout the district. One simple way to define differentiation is adjusting academic instruction based on the needs and learning styles of individual students. Whole group instruction is necessary at times but it should not be the only way we teach or meet the needs of our students. 
Arrow's School of Advancement
The Arrow's School of Advancement has been developed to meet the academic needs of students who do not choose to attend a traditional "brick and mortr" school. Students are challenged with rigorous and relevant assignments designed to meet today's new standards of education for college readines and career prepardness. Our program offers schedule and coursework flexibility previously unknown to students and parents until now. The Arrow's School of Advancement curriculum will prepare students for opportunities at the collegiate level or immediate employment upon completion of all high school requirements.
The Arrow's School of Advancement  is a full-time online program for students in grades 6-12. Students are required to complette one lab session per week at Medway School while the remainder of the week coursework can be completed at home. The A.S.A. curriculum is designed to be self-paced; therefore, each student must be self-motivated to complete coursework, the student will be required to attend additional lab sessions (situations and circumstances may vary) each week. All student's who complete the A.S.A's required curriculum will receive a Tecumseh High School diploma. This is a diploma from a fully accredited academic institution.
For more information on A.S.A, please contact Mr. Russ Ostrowski at 937-845-4475.
Weather Closings & Delays
Every effort is made to announce any delay or closing as soon as possible. In the event of a delay or closing, information will appear on the home page of the district's website as soon as the decision to delay or close has been made. You can also call the Education Connection at 937-845-4483 for announcments. Delay and clsoing information is also communicated to the following TV stations; 2, 7, 22, and 45.
If you would like a text message and/or email form the district regarding any delays or closings, you can sign up using REMIND at remind.com or click here to be taken to the actual site.
REMIND is a text message notification app all buildings in the district are using to communicate with parents, staff, and community members. The buildings use this app to get the word out about special events or just reminders of what is happening in their building. The district uses the app to notify individuals of weather delays and/or closings when they occur. The information to subscribe to these REMIND notifications is listed below for the district and each building. You can cancel your subscription at any time if you no longer with to receive notifications.
  • TLS District Weather Notifications
    • Text the message @tecumsehlo to 81010
  • Tecumseh High School Notifications
    • Text the message @tecumsehhi to 81010
  • Tecumseh Middle School Notifications
    • Text the message @tmspar to 81010
  • Park Layne Elementary Notifications
    • Text the message @parklayne to 81010
  • Donnelsville Elementary Notifications
    • Text the message @Mrbdville to 81010
  • New Carlisle Elementary Notificaionts
    • Text the message @mrsrandenb to 81010
District Start & Stop Times
Tecumseh High School
The student day will start at 7:15 AM and end at 2:15 PM. Students may enter the building begining at 7AM.

Tardy Bell/First Period bgins at 7:15AM

Tecumseh Middle School
The student day will start at 7:20 AM and end at 2:15 PM. Students may enter the building begining at 7AM

Tardy Bell/First Period begin at 7:20 AM

Elementary Buildings
The student day will start at 8:40 AM and end at 3:05 PM

Students who wish to eat breakfast may enter the building at 8:10 AM

Walkers and car riders using shuttle buses to Donnelsville, New Carlisle, and Park Layne need to arrive at their home school by 7:55 AM.
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