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Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

The Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Department is responsible for providing support in curriculum, instruction, and assessment across subject areas. This includes studying, evaluating, and implementing research-based curriculum, instruction, and assessments, providing leadership in the development, articulation, and implementation of instructional programs, and improving the instructional program by assisting with program evaluation in coordination with relevant staff development aligned to district goals. 

Achievement - The state measures student performance (basic, limited, proficient, accelerated, advanced) on state testing to determine an achievement score. Tecumseh Local Schools strive to have all students proficient or higher. The more students at the proficient level or higher, the higher our star rating. Our goal is to grow all student performance levels each year to demonstrate higher levels of learning.

Progress - Students are expected to make a year's worth of growth from year to year. Tecumseh Local Schools recognizes the need to grow even more when students are behind. We are proud to have earned four stars in this area. 

Gap Closing - This component measures the reduction in educational gaps for student subgroups. It combines achievement and growth for students in all subgroups, including the success of our gifted students. The four-star rating shows Tecumseh is closing the educational gaps.

K-3 Literacy - This component measures reading improvement and proficiency for kindergarten through third-grade students. Teachers differentiate core instruction and work with at-risk students in small groups and one on one to help make needed gains to get students on track. This is an area of focus for our district.

Graduation - This component looks at the four-year adjusted cohort graduation rate and the five-year adjusted cohort graduation rate. Although the 2021 graduation rate dropped due to Covid and changes in graduation requirements, Tecumseh Local Schools increased in graduation rate the 2 years prior to 2021.

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