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Busing Guidelines

Be sure to contact the Transportation Department if you have any of the following:
  • Your child has recently moved in to our district.
  • Your child is already a Tecumseh student, but has changed addresses within the Tecumseh district. 
  • Your child will be entering 6th grade so will now be on a different route.
  • Your child will be attending CTC and riding the bus. 
  • Your child will be attending STEM and riding the bus. 
  • You have had a change in whether your child does or does not ride the bus, or a change in babysitter address, etc. that would change what bus your child rides. 

You can call us at 937/845-4492.  Or please email [email protected] with your information.



Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to help my child ride the bus safely?

Please remind and encourage them to stay at least 10 feet away from the bus when they are getting on and off and to wait and watch for the driver’s hand signals to cross the street.


How early should my child be at their bus stop?

We recommend 5-10 minutes before the bus is expected to arrive.  With changes in weather, road conditions/obstructions, students riding, and so forth, the times on the bus route can vary.  Your child is required to be out at their bus stop, ready to board the bus when it arrives.


What if my child needs to ride another bus after school?  This may not be approved!  We do not change bus assignments.  Parents/Guardians need to have a back up plan in place for their child in case of a last minute issue or emergency with their family.  If your child rides the bus, he/she must ride to the same address everyday that has been assigned.  If you have an emergency, you can opt to pick them up at school.  Or Latchkey can be used for K-8th graders.


Why was my child’s note to ride another bus not approved?

 We do not approve changes in buses for play dates, sleepovers, just riding to a friend’s house, etc.  Parents must arrange their own transportation for these issues.


How does discipline on the bus work?

The bus driver’s main concern is to keep the students safe while being able to keep their focus and concentration on driving.  If the driver feels it is necessary, he/she may assign seats to any or all students.  He/she may assign writing sentences instead of sending a formal write up to the principal.  If he/she does officially write up a discipline report on your child, it is sent to the principal and the principal will decide the appropriate steps.


What are the bus rules?

Basically all the same rules that apply to the classroom also apply on the bus.  It is very important to stay seated at all times and to keep your head, arms, hands, etc. inside the bus at all times.  The bus rules are clearly posted on each bus.  


What if my child has an instrument to get to and from school?

Our first priority and responsibility is to transport students safely.  Although we are not required to transport a student's instrument, we will do so if there is room on the bus.  We have to have enough room for the instrument to ride safety behind the seat.  It cannot be out in the aisle.


What happens if my child goes to a school in Springfield, like CTC?

The CTC buses leave the high school parking lot by 7:00 a.m..  The same buses that take students to Springfield in the morning will bring them to a bus stop near their home in the afternoon or can drop them off at the high school if they have a ride.

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