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Welcome to the blog of Mrs. Crew, Superintendent of the Tecumseh Local School District! Mrs. Crew will focus on news about the district, interesting student work, and achievements by students and staff on this blog. She will also share information about pertinent educational topics.
Quarter Two Information
Posted 9/29/2020 at 2:44:59 PM by Paula Crew [staff member]

September 28, 2020

Dear Tecumseh Local Families,

I would like to share important information regarding our plans for the second quarter of the school year, please.

Beginning with the second quarter, Tecumseh Local Schools will begin in-person learning after a one week phase-in period. The phase-in period is as follows:

Students in Grades 1-12

  • On Monday, October 19th and Wednesday, October 21st, all students who select to return to the school setting for second quarter in Grades 1-12 with an even home address will attend school. 

  • On Tuesday, October 20th and Thursday, October 22nd, all students who select to return to the school setting for the second quarter in Grades 1-12 with an odd home address will attend school. 

  • On Friday, October 23rd, ALL students in Grades 1-12 selecting to return to the school setting will attend school. 

  • Beginning the following week, Monday, October 26th, all students selecting the in-person option will attend full-time (Monday - Friday), which is Plan A of  the Preparation for Learning Plan.

Kindergarten students will begin school on a delayed Phase-in schedule as they typically do.

  • K Students with an even home address will attend school on Wednesday, October 21 and Friday, October 23

  • K Students with an odd home address will attend school on Thursday, October 22 and Monday, October 26.

  • All K students selecting to return to the school setting will attend school together for the first time on Tuesday, October 27 and will continue attending every day (Monday - Friday) from that day forward which is Plan A of the Preparation for Learning Plan.

Your child will receive a transportation survey uploaded into their Google Classroom this week, which MUST be completed for students returning to school. This information will help us determine who will need transportation.  Parents who are able to transport their child(ren) to school, should consider doing so as the ability to social distance on the school bus is limited. It is important for parents to check the address we have in Oneview to make sure it is the correct one on file.  The link to Oneview is included below:

One View On-line forms

We need to know which students will remain on remote learning during the second quarter, as this option will still be available.  The students in grades K - 5 who continue to choose remote learning will receive instruction from our Tecumseh Local teachers through the Google Classroom Platform, as they have the first quarter of the school year. Some of the students may have a different Tecumseh Local Teacher during the second quarter, depending on the number of students who still wish to participate in remote learning, as determined by the survey.  

Our students in grades 6 - 12 who continue to choose remote learning, will transition to a purchased remote learning platform called Edmentum.  Detailed information about what this may look like can be found in the survey below.  

If you would like your child to continue with remote learning for the second quarter of the school year, please complete the survey by this Thursday, October 1st. (You may access the link below)

Request for Remote Learning Plan - Second Quarter

Please see the updated Participation for Learning Plan approved by the Tecumseh Local Board of Education on July 9, 2020. 

Preparation for Learning Plan 2020 - 2021

Students and staff members will be required to wear face masks, as directed by the Ohio Department of Health while on the school bus and in the school setting. Mask breaks will be a part of the student’s scheduled day. Previously, we had indicated wearing face masks would be strongly encouraged, which aligned with the guidance from the Ohio Department of Health at that time. The ODH changed their directive from strongly encouraged to mandated in August.

Please see information on the specific procedures and protocols we will use to minimize the risk of COVID-19 exposure as students return to the school setting.

Procedures for COVID-19

In weekly conversations with the Clark County Superintendents and Charles Patterson, the Clark County Health Department Commissioner, we have kept up to date on how things are going in our neighboring school districts. Clark County schools have had minimal issues with students returning to the school setting. Mr. Patterson shared with us that the positive cases they have experienced in the school setting were not a result of an exposure in the school setting, but exposures to the virus away from school. This certainly is not to suggest that we will not have positive cases, yet we want to share this information with our families. 

We would like to thank our families and community members for their resilience and flexibility during the first quarter of the school year. Parents, thank you specifically for your efforts to make remote learning as productive as it could be in the home setting. Most students worked diligently to engage in remote learning. We would also like to thank our teachers for their efforts to teach remotely during the first quarter of the school year. The importance of adapting and adjusting has been vital since the closure in March, as information routinely is changed or modified. We will continue to keep you up to date with the latest changes.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me at paula.crew@tecumsehlocal.org


Paula Crew

Push Up Challenge
Posted 3/1/2020 at 7:31:49 PM by Paula Crew [staff member]

      We are fortunate to have multiple service organizations in our community that routinely support Tecumseh Local Schools. The New Carlisle Rotary is one of these service clubs. This past weekend, the New Carlisle Rotary Club partnered with the Pink Ribbon Girls Organization for a Push Up Challenge fundraiser.  The proceeds from this event will be evenly distributed between the two organizations. Approximately $20,000 was raised on Saturday. That is quite an impressive amount!

      The New Carlisle Rotary Club will use these funds to support several annual projects, such as scholarships for graduating seniors and funding for the Rotary Teacher of the Year Program. The Pink Ribbon Girls Organization use their fundraising dollars to support individuals battling breast cancer.  Specifically they provide services such as house cleaning and driving individuals to appointments.

      It is rewarding to be a member of the New Carlisle Rotary Club. I am very grateful for the many positive deeds and support the New Carlisle Rotary and other service groups provide to Tecumseh Local Schools.

Career Fair
Posted 2/14/2020 at 6:18:01 PM by Paula Crew [staff member]
      Tecumseh High School will offer a Career Fair on March 16th at Tecumseh High School for our students and community members. This is an additional strategy we are attempting to further engage the needs of our students and community, as well as provide services simultaneously, per our community engagement goal.

      Our high school principal, Mr. Oakes, along with guidance counselor, Mrs. Burnside, and other staff members, are working diligently to elicit businesses to attend the Career Fair. Our goal is fifty businesses in attendance and we are currently at twenty businesses signed up. Our students will be able to navigate the business booths from 9:00-2:30. From 2:30-4:00, our parents and community members are welcome to attend. There will be help with writing resumes and tips on effective interviewing techniques as well. Hopefully, we can connect some folks seeking employment with employers.  
      The event is free for all to participate. Please contact Mrs. Burnside at 937-845-4500 if you have any quesitons.

Tecumseh High School's AFJROTC Unit Excels!
Posted 2/1/2020 at 10:34:14 AM by Paula Crew [staff member]
      Our Tecumseh High school AFJROTC received an "exceeds standard", which is the highest potential rating on their inspection this week. This puts the unit on the path to being named a Distinguished Unit with Merit this year and the 17th year in a row the unit has been recognized as a Distinguished Unit! Many hours of preparation are necessary to prepare for this inspection. Our AFJROTC Program is a staple of our district and community. Through the leadership of the of the instructors and the cadets in leadership positions, this program routinely excels. Our cadets provide numerous volunteer hours in our district and community each year. In fact, the number of volunteer hours far exceeds the average of other AFJROTC Programs throughout the nation. We are very proud to have this program at Tecumseh Local Schools. It’s one that teaches integrity, leadership skills, pride in our country, a respect for veterans and those currently serving in the military and a heart for serving others.
National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day
Posted 1/9/2020 at 8:41:51 PM by Paula Crew [staff member]

      Today is designated as National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. We appreciate all that our Law Enforcement Officers do for our community. I'd like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation, on behalf of Tecumseh Local Schools, for our School Resource Officer, Deputy John Loney. This is Deputy Loney's second year serving as the School Resource Officer for our district. Two years ago, we approached the Clark County Commissioners and asked if perhaps we could partner in a pilot program to hire a Clark County Deputy to serve as a School Resource Officer for our district. Clark County Commissioner Rick Lohnes was instrumental in helping us with this endeavor. Though his support, along with the Clark County Sheriff’s Department, a School Resource Officer Program was created for Tecumseh Local Schools, along with other districts in the county. Deputy Loney was assigned as our SRO. His presence in our district has surpassed our initial expectations of a SRO. Deputy Loney is a vital member of our district and has been instrumental in proactively assisting with numerous situations that ended positively. He has formed positive relationships with the students, staff and the community beyond our initial expectation of this position. We proudly call Deputy Loney an Arrow. He is one of the family and we are so appreciative to have him on our team. 

Tecumseh Education Foundation Awards Teacher Grants
Posted 12/29/2019 at 9:53:35 AM by Paula Crew [staff member]

The Tecumseh Education Foundation (TEF) recently met to review the TEF Teacher Mini Grant Proposals.  This is one of several ways the TEF annually supports our district. We had twenty-four grant proposals submitted this year by our staff members. I’m pleased that this many individuals took the time to write a proposal for an innovate classroom project on behalf of their students. The Tecumseh Education Foundation was able to award ten of the proposals, which totaled $5,663 in funding. Our staff members who had a grant proposal awarded include:

Stacy Blackburn:              TMS      Making microscopic Discoveries in


Kerry Cassell:                   Donn      Classroom Calming Corner

Jennifer Evans:                NCES      Improving Science Knowledge through STEM

Angie Greene:                   NCES     Amplifying Student Voice

Jennifer Hulbert:             TMS       Culture and Sensitivity

Gaybrielle Ray:                 PL           Read with Me

Kim Rudd:                          NCES     Creating Science Geniuses 

Meagan Wagner:               NCES     School Counselor Survival Kit

Amanda Wheeler:             TMS       3D Modeling for Language Arts

Laura Wright:                   THS       Post-graduate Transition Skills

The Tecumseh Education Foundation members will honor the recipients during half-time at the January 31st home boy’s basketball game against Kenton Ridge. TEF is a group of volunteers who spend quite a bit of time working on fundraisers and planning to assist our students, staff and district.  

We are very appreciative of TEF, along with other service groups that help our district on a routine basis. Tecumseh Education Foundation members include: Kevin Harmon (TEF President), Rita Lane (Founding Member), Reed Romine (Founding Member), Anthony Fraley, Robin Peck, Zach Rapp, Matt Heinl, Drew Gross, Sue Anne Martin (TL BOE), and Paula Crew.

If you are interested in learning more about the Tecumseh Education Foundation, please visit their website at tecumsehedfoundation.org.

Agriscience Fair
Posted 12/12/2019 at 3:43:53 PM by Paula Crew [staff member]

At the onset of the school year a VoAg/STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Class was added to the curriculum for Tecumseh Middle School eighth grade students.  Each eighth grader will take this class either first or second semester this year. This past Tuesday evening, the first Agriscience Fair was held at Tecumseh Middle School. Students in the VoAg/STEM class had the opportunity to research an area of interest related to an agricultural topic.  After determining and researching a topic, the students conducted experiments related to a hypothesis on the selected topic. They examined and charted their results. At the Agriscience Fair, each student had a trifold board, typical of what you see at traditional science fairs, depicting the hypothesis, research, materials used, procedure, results and conclusion. The students presented their projects to the judges. They detailed each step of the Scientific Method in relation to their project. The judges were high school VoAg students, staff and community members. Mrs. Wise, the teacher for the new VoAg/STEM class, has worked hard to incorporate numerous hands-on, agriculture activities embedded with STEM elements for our students. We are excited to provide this opportunity and are looking forward to experiencing what this program will continue to offer for our students.

Veterans Day Programs
Posted 11/16/2019 at 9:04:39 AM by Paula Crew [staff member]

      Tecumseh Local Schools recognized and honored our veterans during Veterans Day this past week. Personnel in each of our buildings organized a Veterans Day Program and invited our veterans. Many of the veterans were invited by a family member such as their grandchild, child, niece, nephew, etc. Some of our staff members had their family veterans in attendance as well. 

Each program was wonderful and unique to the building. At the high school our AFJROTC Cadets conducted a flag folding ceremony, which is quite impactful. The veterans at the high school enjoyed a breakfast of eggs, bacon, biscuits and gravy prepared and donated by the Child Nutrition Department. Donnelsville and New Carlisle Elementary also provided a breakfast for our veterans and the students sang patriotic songs they have practiced the last month. At Tecumseh Middle School, we had a guest speaker, Mr. Kevin Becker, a United States Air Force Veteran, who delivered a wonderful message about patriotism. The middle school choir sang more patriotic songs for our veterans and you could hear a pin drop when Taps was played.  Park Layne Elementary School’s Veterans Day Program culminated the programs. Each veteran introduced himself/herself and identified the student who invited he/she. The joy on both the veteran and student’s face as the student and veteran stood to be recognized was awesome. To end the program, veterans lined the gymnasium while the students passed by handing them Thank You cards.

At Tecumseh Local Schools we are proud of our veterans. I am very humbled and appreciative all of our personnel who go above and beyond to show our veterans the extent of our appreciation.

Pride and Activity Periods
Posted 10/16/2019 at 7:16:24 PM by Paula Crew [staff member]

      One goal we have worked on at Tecumseh Local Schools is creating opportunities for our students to develop positive relationships with staff members. Two initiatives have been added this year, one at Tecumseh High School, and one at Tecumseh Middle School, that I’d like to share. At the high school a daily “Pride Period” has been embedded into the schedule for all students. During this twenty-two minute period, students are assigned to a specific teacher that he/she will have throughout the duration of the year each day. Students in each Pride Period include students from each grade level. This gives the students an opportunity to interact with peers they may not typically have a chance to without the embedded Pride Period. In addition, the goal is to have students assigned to the same teacher throughout their high school years, so they have at least one adult they feel comfortable asking for help in a multitude of areas when needed. During Pride Period, teachers and students complete grade checks and keep up on assignments. Teachers assist students with such things as time management, scheduling and homework/assignment assistance.

      At Tecumseh Middle School a monthly Activity Period has been added into the schedule this year. Similar to the high school Pride Period, students are assigned an adult staff member that they meet with on a monthly basis.  Each staff member prepares a unique activity for their group of students each month. This past Friday some activities included, learning about photography and having an opportunity to take photos outdoors, learning to check the oil and coolant levels, along with checking tire pressure on a car, learning about various tools and what they are used for, making blankets for children for Christmas presents, and bottle feeding a baby goat. Students and staff members have indicated they really enjoy and look forward to the monthly Activity Period.

Cessation Classes
Posted 9/21/2019 at 7:42:29 PM by Paula Crew [staff member]

Tecumseh Local Schools is partnering with the Clark County Combined Health Department to offer cessation classes beginning this week. The classes will be available once a month for our students. Tecumseh Local Schools, along with many districts throughout the nation, have experienced an influx in the usage of e-cigarettes among our high school and middle school students. 

      There will continue to be consequences associated with vaping, smoking, or using any tobacco or nicotine product on school grounds. In addition, we will offer the cessation classes to help inform our students of the dangers associated with vaping and using other tobacco/nicotine products. The class will share strategies with students on how to most effectively quick the use of these products.

We need help from our parents as well. The students are bringing these devices to school.  We encourage parents to talk to their children as well about the dangers of the devices and tobacco/nicotine. If we work together to combat this epidemic, it will be much more productive.

Please see a link to a news story on NBC from this past week which includes information about the class we are offering at Tecumseh Local Schools.


Paula Crew


Student Wellness and Success Funding
Posted 9/8/2019 at 3:06:13 PM by Paula Crew [staff member]

On July 18th, a two-year budget was signed by Governor DeWine allocating funding to assist Ohio Schools with the social and emotional needs of our students. The funding is restricted and can be used for eleven specific categories of services and programs supporting mental health, social and emotional initiatives to support the whole child.  The specific categories include:

  • Mental health services

  • Services for homeless youth

  • Services for child welfare involved youth

  • Community liaisons

  • Physical health care services

  • Mentoring Programs

  • Family engagement and support services

  • City Connects programming

  • Professional development regarding the provision of trauma-informed care

  • Professional development regarding cultural competence

  • Student service provided prior to or after the regularly scheduled school day or any time school is not in session

Allocations are due to arrive in October. A Student Wellness and Success Funding Plan must be developed and signed by a required agency in which we will partner. We have selected to partner with Family and Youth Initiatives, a local non-profit organization we have a long-standing partnership with already. 


Family and Youth Initiatives personnel have worked with our district for several years providing valuable services for our students. Among these services include the adult mentoring program.  Local business owners and community members volunteer thirty minutes a week to work with a middle or high school student identified as benefiting from an adult role model. Mrs. Julie Driskill, from FYI, will have an office on the main campus effective immediately. She will work in close proximity with our guidance counselors, administrators, staff members and community members to increase the amount of adult peer mentors we have serving the students at the middle and high school level.  Eventually, the goal is to increase the capacity of this program into the elementary schools as well. Research indicates there is a positive correlation between a student having a positive adult mentor, on a routine basis, and the student’s success in school. If you are an adult community member and you would like more information about being a potential mentor for a student, please email me at paula.crew@tecumsehlocal.org


Also with the Student Wellness and Success funding, we have elected to create an additional elementary guidance counselor position to help serve elementary student needs. Last school year, we hired a guidance counselor to serve the elementary buildings. This was the first time a guidance counselor has been hired to serve at the elementary level. Mrs. Wagner is doing a fantastic job supporting students and staff members.  Needless to say, one guidance counselor serving three buildings is difficult to meet all of the student needs. Therefore, we will work in the next couple of weeks to fill a second guidance counselor position to help meet the needs of our elementary students.


Additionally, we will work to provide various professional development opportunities for our staff members to assist them in working with the specific emotional and mental health needs of students.  Our goal in education is to provide an education foundation in which our students grow academically and are ultimately prepared for what career they choose following graduation. In order to do this, we need to maximize our capacity to help students with barriers that impede their learning. The governor of Ohio and the State Superintendent recognize these needs. We are fortunate to be among the recipients of the Student Wellness and Success funding this school year and next.  We will keep you updated on other services and initiatives implemented throughout the year with this funding. 


If you have any specific questions, or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me at paula.crew@tecumsehlocal.org or (937) 845-3576.

Welcome Back!
Posted 9/2/2019 at 9:10:38 AM by Paula Crew [staff member]
      I would like to welcome everyone back to the 2019 - 2020 school year.  I would like to extend my appreciation for our employees who worked throughout the summer to prepare for the start of the new year. Our custodians, Child Nutrition and Transportation Department personnel, building and grounds personnel, office and other personnel throughout the district worked diligently to ensure we were ready for our students to arrive. 
      We have several important initiatives taking place throughout the district. We will continue to work toward goal attainment on our strategic planning goals developed last year by the Tecumseh Local Strategic Planning Committee. The committee was comprised of district staff, parents, and community members who worked together to identify the areas in which our district should focus. Our four goal areas include; Academic Growth, Wellness, Fiscal Responsibility and Community Engagement. You can locate detailed information about the goals and action steps on our district website.  We will continue to communicate in multiple facets our work as a district in these areas.      
      I will share information on this Blog site on a regular basis about pertinent information related to the district thoughtout the school year.  It will include information, celebrations, and activities. If you have any questions regarding any information or have questions in general, please contact me at paula.crew@tecumsehlocal.org.  
Clark County Fair Week!
Posted 7/27/2019 at 7:43:10 AM by Paula Crew [staff member]

      Another year is in the books for the Clark County Fair. We had many students prepare and participate in projects again this year. Students from FFA, 4H, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, etc. worked diligently for many months to prepare their projects.  The students who took animals to show at the fair spent many months completing early morning and late evening feedings, cleaning up pens, and bonding with their animals. It must be bittersweet for students to sell their animals after spending so much time with them prior to the fair. Many students submitted other projects that were displayed at the fair throughout the week. I can report first hand, we had some really creative and time consuming projects this year!

       While the students spend many hours in preparation for the fair, so do their parents and advisors. Often times, parents help with feeding the animals while students are busy with another activity or perhaps studying for a test. Our FFA advisor, 4H advisors, and scout advisors serve as mentors and help support and guide the students with their animals and projects. Essentially, this experience is a superb skill-building and leadership opportunity. Students are taught the need to work hard and persevere for the culminating event…Fair Week! I would like to express my appreciation to all who supported and guided our students this year with their projects.

Summer Lunch Opportunities
Posted 6/17/2019 at 5:07:41 PM by Paula Crew [staff member]
      Impact Bethel, an non-profit organization that offers services to the community, will once again offer a free lunch to children (birth to age 18).  Lunches will be served in the shelter houses at Smith and Raynor Park, Monday through Friday from 12:00 - 12:30.  The program will end on August 2nd. We greatly appreicatie the efforts and service this organization provides for our community members.
      We were also fortunate to be selected again this summer as a site for the Second Harvest Summer Food Program.  Each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday until August 1st, children may come to New Carlisle Elementary School from 1:15 - 2:15 to receive a free lunch. On Thursday of each week, students will be given a bag of non-perishable food, meat and fresh fruits and vegetables to take home in addtion to lunch.  We have quite a few staff members volunteering to help serve these lunches and I would like to extend our appreciation to them for their assistance. 
Neighbors Helping Neighbors
Posted 6/8/2019 at 9:13:12 AM by Paula Crew [staff member]

The recent tornado damage which affected those close to our district was immense and wide-spread. I have been awed by the outreach of support, donations, and help given to those affected by this disaster.  Tecumseh Local Schools and our community helped as well. We sent out social media notifications requesting donations of specific items needed for the victims and planned to fill one of our box trucks last Saturday and finish filling it with donations brought to the graduation ceremony at the Nutter Center last weekend. We collected items in the parking lot at Tecumseh High School from 10:00 - 2:00 p.m. last Saturday.  About a half hour into the collection process, we realized we were going to need another truck! Thankfully, we have two box trucks at Tecumseh Local. By the end of the afternoon, we had two trucks full of needed supplies which we delivered to a makeshift warehouse in Dayton! We took another box truck to the Nutter Center on Sunday and were able to gather even more needed items for the tornado victims.

I was so humbled at the outpour of support from our community. It certainly solidified the honor I have to work at Tecumseh Local Schools and live in the New Carlisle Community. Our very dedicated Assistant Superintendent, Ivan Gehret, his wife DeAnna Gehret, and their daughter, Ellie Gehret, Suzanne Massie and several other individuals helped with the collection efforts.  I would like to extend appreciation, on behalf of Tecumseh Local Schools, and the community for everyone who took time to drop off donations. It was wonderful to observe children of all ages bringing supplies to the trucks as well. We thank parents for teaching their children to have a heart for service and pay it forward to others. Together, neighbors helping neighbors, happened and it was awesome to observe!

Exploring Education Options
Posted 4/28/2019 at 11:29:28 AM by Paula Crew [staff member]

We have worked through a strategic planning process as a district this year to develop a comprehensive plan to address the identified needs of our district. Part of the initial process included the distribution of a survey that over 600 individuals completed this past fall. The survey identified priority areas those responding to the survey would like to see addressed at Tecumseh Local Schools. One priority area identified multiple times in the survey results included returning to K-5 neighborhood schools. Creating the grade level elementary buildings that we have now was a major cost-savings effort by the district eight years ago. At that time, the district was able to reduce spending annually by 1.2 million dollars with the reduction of fourteen positions that was possible when transitioning to the grade level buildings.

Throughout the school year, we have investigated potential avenues we could take to possibly transition back to neighborhood schools. We have completed a cost analysis to determine the amount this would cost the district in present day.  Using very conservative data, transitioning back to K-5 elementary schools would cost between 1.5 - 1.6 million dollars annually. Unfortunately, we do not have the financial sustainability for this to be an option.

Another priority area the survey results indicated for the district included the overcrowding issue at Donnelsville Elementary in comparison to the other two grade level elementary schools.  Donnelsville Elementary is the smallest in square footage and available classrooms in comparison to Park Layne Elementary and New Carlisle Elementary. As a result, we have to be creative with the use of space, such as using the stage, atrium and other areas as makeshift classrooms.  

We are looking at potential resolutions to the overcrowding at Donnelsville Elementary in conjunction with bringing back a modified neighborhood school concept for grades second through fifth. Recognizing that one benefit of neighborhood schools includes students being in the same setting for more than two years, we are considering a potential change in our elementary schools.  One option we are considering is to create two second through fifth grade schools at Donnelsville Elementary and New Carlisle Elementary with the percentage of total students smaller at Donnelsville than New Carlisle Elementary School to account for the size difference in buildings. Park Layne would remain the Kindergarten and First grade school in this scenario. This option would afford us the opportunity to have students in one school for four continuous years, thus providing more of a community school concept.  This option would also reduce the current overcrowding at Donnelsville Elementary School. Additionally, there would be nominal additional cost with this option.

Next year will be an exploratory year to consider this option. We will begin by making an electronic survey available for staff members and parents to respond to in early August. The survey results will permit us the opportunity to glean the interest level in going with this option.  We will keep you updated as we proceed through this exploratory phase.

If you have any questions, would like additional information or have comments, please contact me at paula.crew@tecucmsehlocal.org.



Tobacco-Free Campus
Posted 4/20/2019 at 7:46:14 AM by Paula Crew [staff member]

      During the April Board of Education meeting on April 16, 2019, the BOE members approved a policy designating Tecumseh Local Schools as a Tobacco-Free campus effective August 1, 2019. This will include smoking, oral and electronic products. This decision was made in an effort to provide a healthy environment for our students, staff and community members and visitors to our district. We thrive to ensure our district is a safe zone. We have worked to increase our safety measures in the district and part of a safe environment includes promoting a healthy environment. It is imperative that the district set the example for our students. If you have any questions regarding this policy please do not hesitate to contact me at paula.crew@tecumsehlocal.org.

Hall of Honor Ceremony
Posted 4/14/2019 at 4:45:56 PM by Paula Crew [staff member]

The 22nd Annual Hall of Honor Ceremony was held this weekend at Tecumseh High School. The inductees this year are Mrs. Linda Clements, Mr. Ron Hamm, Mr. Howard Stahl and Mr. David Vernier. 

Mrs. Linda Clements was a teacher for thirty-six years.  She began her career in Clark County at Enon Elementary. Before moving to Tecumseh Local Schools, she also taught in the Northeastern and Northwestern School Districts. She retired from Olive Branch Middle School in 1999. She has volunteered many hours helping to create the concept and maintain the Advance School House, which opened in 2003. The Advance School House, located just outside of New Carlisle, welcomes elementary students throughout the area to experience a school day in the life of a student in the 1800’s.

Mr. Ron Ham is a 1988 graduate of Tecumseh High School. During his younger years, he took up motocross racing and this passion took him all over the Midwest racing at the national level. He attended the Ohio State University and studied mechanical engineering. Mr. Hamm is the creator of a mobile phone game titled Door Slammers, which is a drag racing game that is played worldwide. Mr. Hamm also has created a racing simulator allowing people to see what it is like to race a car. He has brought the simulator to Tecumseh High School and has spoken to industrial arts classes about the importance of science, math and trade skills. Door Slammers awards a $5000 scholarship each year for the annual Golden Hammer Senior Award and supports the Student of the Month for an industrial arts student.

Mr. Howard Stahl began his career in education at Tecumseh Local Schools in 1964. He remained and served in education at Tecumseh for the duration of his thirty-seven year career. His first assignment was at Olive Branch Junior High for two years in the Social Studies Department before being assigned to the new New Carlisle Junior High School building, completed in March of 1967. At New Carlisle Junior High, he continued teaching social studies and coaching freshman basketball. Mr. Stahl began his administrative career at New Carlisle Junior high School in 1975 as assistant principal, then moved to principal in the fall of 1976, and remained in that position until 1981 when he moved to unit principal at Tecumseh High School. In 1988 he was promoted to the central office as Director of Buildings, Grounds, Transportation, and Food Service overseeing and directing all work and services in those areas until his retirement in 2001.

Mr. David Vernier is a 1965 graduate of Tecumseh High School and a 1969 graduate of the Ohio State University. He received his M.S. Degree from Oregon State University in 1975. Mr. Vernier started a company titled Vernier Software and Technology in the early 1980’s and now the company employees 105 people and it is well-known among science teachers around the country. They sell their products in over 100 countries around the world. Mr. Vernier was CEO for thirty-four years and now is Co-President of Vernier Software and Technology. He is involved with the company on a daily basis developing new products and promoting the use of Vernier products in STEM education. Mr. Vernier is also on boards or involved in other ways with numerous education, environmental, and social service charitable organizations.

What a rewarding opportunity it was to see these four inducted into the Tecumseh Hall of Honor yesterday!  It is an opportunity to honor those who have graduated from our district and/or have had a positive impact on our district. What wonderful role models these individuals are for our students.

      I would encourage individuals to nominate someone for this award. To be eligible, one must meet the following criteria:

  •       Unless there are unusual circumstances, an honoree should be a graduate of Tecumseh Local Schools or have attended at least two of four years of high school in New Carlisle.
  •      A period of five years must have elapsed between graduation and eligibility for induction into theTecumseh Local Schools Alumni Honor Roll.

Individuals who may be nominated for consideration include those who have had a/an:

  •       Significant achievement while a student in the Tecumseh Local Schools
  •       Outstanding achievement in vocational pursuits
  •       Outstanding contributions in community and/or governmental affairs
  •       Meritorious recognition for some action taken or provided
  •       Significant philanthropic involvement

Hall of Honor nomination forms are available on our website: tecumseh.k12.oh.us.

Strategic Planning Process
Posted 3/17/2019 at 2:49:31 PM by Paula Crew [staff member]

The strategic planning committee formed at the onset of this year worked diligently to develop a comprehensive plan to identify the strengths and prioritize the needs of the district.  The committee reviewed the survey responses and identified our core values. The list of core values identified include:

  • An inclusive, student-centered environment that nurtures the wellness, social and emotional care of the whole child;

  • Fostering leadership, critical thinking, problem solving, alternative ideas and hard work in an enjoyable learning environment;

  • Responsive and transparent communication that is authentic, fair and consistent;

  • Strong partnerships and pride in our community;

  • The value of diversity and respect for each other;

  • The growth and success of each child through diligence, creativity, teamwork, collaboration and a variety of extracurricular opportunities

  • Excellence in all we do through dedication and integrity.

The committee identified four goals from the identification of the core values. These goals include:

  • Academic Growth

“We develop and enrich the academic capacity of our students and staff to prepare for success in a changing world.”

  • Wellness

“Tecumseh Local Schools emphasizes the development of mental, physical and social wellness of sta and students.”

  • Fiscal Responsibility

“We are honest and responsible stewards of school district funds, ensuring the best possible learning environment for all students.”

  • Community Engagement

“We provide and create opportunities to actively engage the diversity, support and experience of our community.”

The next phase includes the creation of four “action teams” each concentrating on one goal area. These teams started meeting this week and will prioritize and develop specific action steps to help attain each goal area.  We will keep you updated on the important work of the action teams.

I’d like to express my appreciation on behalf of the district to those individuals who served on the core strategic planning committee this year.


Those members included: Kevin Becker, Jacob Berner, Maggie Bollar, Johanna Brents, Kerry Cassell, Veronica Cassidy, Paula Crew, Roger Diller, Brian Dixon, Julie Driskill, Elaine Estes, Doug Frank, Ivan Gehret, Sam George, Steve Graham, Angie Greene, Jason Hanrahan, Natalie Jackson, John Loney, Cara Mansell, Sue Anne Martin, Melinda McKibben, Beth Moore, Robin Peck, Amy Perkins, Kathryn Randenburg, Denise Robinson, Stephen Rudnicki, Peter Scarff, Corinne Scott, Suzanne Slagell, Suzy Stapleton, Dale Steinlage, Dan Studebaker, Susan Wile and Katy Wright.


 If you have any specific questions regarding this work, please do not hesitate to contact me at paula.crew@tecumsehlocal.org.

Breakfast for 2019
Posted 3/10/2019 at 7:03:38 PM by Paula Crew [staff member]

Tecumseh Local Schools has offered breakfast, free of charge, to all students in the district for a number of years. In October of 2017, we were informed the government would no longer reimburse our district, along with other districts throughout Ohio, for this service. At the time, we had already communicated to parents that breakfast would be offered to all free of cost.  Therefore, we selected to continue the remainder of the year offering this opportunity to our students, recognizing it was a help to many. We examined the total cost to the district for this service at the end of the 2017-2018 year and determined we could continue to offer a free breakfast to all students again during the 2018-2019 school year.

During these two years, the Child Nutrition Department has covered the breakfast costs, which has totaled approximately $169,000 each year. The Child Nutrition Department must, as determined by federal government regulations, be a self-sustaining entity.  Therefore, we are at the point in which we can no longer sustain this service for our students unfortunately. Thus, beginning with the 2019-2020 school year, Tecumseh Local Schools will be unable to provide a free breakfast for our students. We will continue to offer breakfast at each building and students who qualify for free or reduced meals will still be eligible. Students who do not qualify for free or reduced price breakfast will need to pay for breakfast. We are currently evaluating the cost for full-pay students and will communicate that soon.

The Need to Support the Whole Child
Posted 2/16/2019 at 5:52:32 AM by Paula Crew [staff member]

Recently a group of our staff members participated in a free, all-day Mental Health First Aid training. The National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI) received a grant and several school districts, including Tecumseh Local, were among the recipients. We had approximately twenty-five staff members participate in the full-day training. The presenters shared valuable information with the group to include various mental health diagnoses, prevalence percentages of mental health occurrences among children, and strategies for supporting the needs of students with mental health issues and students with trauma-sensitive needs.

The data they shared on the prevalence of mental illness is important for all to know.  For example, approximately 1 in 5 youth ages 13 - 18 experiences a severe mental health disorder and 13% of youth ages 8 - 15 experiences a mental health disorder.  That is a startling figure. In addition, as our staff is very well aware, we have students who, although they may not have a mental health disorder, they routinely face challenges outside of our district domain that children should not have to face. We have students who experience poverty and all that entails, students who have a parent or parents afflicted with an addiction or lost a parent to an addiction, students who are being raised by grandparents, other relatives, neighbors, etc. We have a number of students who meet the definition of a homeless student; either living in a vehicle, a campground, a homeless shelter, with another family, etc. 

Goal two of our District Improvement plan focuses on the need to support the social and emotional needs of our students. As a district, we have concentrated on efforts and strategies to support our students, especially over the last several years. The recent training is an example of such a strategy.  Our district has had a mental health committee in existence for the past four years. Members of this committee meet on a regular basis to strategize meeting the social and emotional challenges of our students. Currently, we are working to bring another Mental Health First Aid Training to the district later in the spring.

Most of our staff members, including myself, are not  therapists, counselors, or psychologists.  Yet, we can all be cognizant that times are certainly different in education than they use to be. We have students, for multiple reasons, facing unique challenges that were not in existence, or not as prevalent as they are today. We are committed to helping provide an environment in which all students can learn to the maximum extent. For this to happen, we must continue to provide an educational environment that supports the social and emotional needs of our learners.  

Clark State Scholars
Posted 1/30/2019 at 7:59:47 AM by Paula Crew [staff member]

      Tecumseh Local Schools was selected to be part of the Clark State Scholars Program this year. This program has been in existence for fifteen years. The program provides a three-year scholarship, including the cost of all books to graduating students. It’s a unique program in that the students are selected during their eighth grade year. An adult mentor is assigned to each student and meets with the student routinely throughout his or her high school years to help him or her stay on track and prepare for college.  We were fortunate to recently have eleven eighth graders selected for this opportunity. This past week the selected students, along with those selected from Clark-Shawnee, Springfield City, Urbana and Graham Schools, were honored at a ceremony at Kuss Auditorium. We are very thankful and appreciative to Clark State College for including our district in this program. These opportunities will certainly open doors for many students!

Tecumseh Education Foundation Educator Grant Opportunity
Posted 1/18/2019 at 6:11:57 AM by Paula Crew [staff member]

      Each year the Tecumseh Education Foundation accepts applications for educator grants to support the educational experience for students at Tecumseh Local Schools.  TEF approved eleven grant applications at its last meeting. The grant applications totaled $6,444. Grant recipients will be honored during half-time of the varsity basketball game against Jonathan Alder on January 25th. Congratulations to the following educators for writing and receiving a TEF Educator Grant this year:

DeAnna Gehret Park Layne Elementary Arrows Scribe Tribe   Conference

Gaybrielle Ray Park Layne Elementary The Puppet Power Project

Deb Jones Donnelsville Elementary Weather Watch

Teresa Gray Donnelsville Elementary Weather Watch

Kerry Cassell Donnelsville Elementary    Morning Miles

Stephanie Koronich Park Layne Elementary American Sign Language

Lisa Moon Tecumseh High School Virtual Reality Experiences

Lisa Allen Park Layne Elementary Critical Thinking Centers

Kari Dillman Park Layne Elementary Sensory Overload

Cathy Croxdale New Carlisle Elementary Blended Learning Math Centers

Karen Krogg New Carlile Elementary Increasing Language Skills

Sara Wells Donnelsville Flexible Seating

Thank you to the above educators for taking the time to go above and beyond by writing and securing a TEF Educator Grant!

 The Tecumseh Education Foundation (TEF) has been in existence since 1993. The purpose of this non-profit organization is to help promote opportunities for students through scholarships and educator grants. The committee also helps support the Hall of Honor Program that honors former Tecumseh students, employees and community members.  

Thank you to these committee members for donating their time on behalf of Tecumseh Local Schools. TEF members include: President Kevin Harmon, Rita Lane, Anthony Fraley, Drew Gross, Matt Heinl, Reed Romine, Robin Peck, Zach Rapp, Jim Suver, and Sue Anne Martin.

Reflecting on the Gift of Giving
Posted 1/1/2019 at 7:37:33 AM by Paula Crew [staff member]
      As I reflect on the holiday season I’m awed by the giving spirit of our students and staff at Tecumseh Local Schools.  The many acts of kindness through giving and providing for others is a true testament of the culture at Tecumseh. The high school student council organized an Arrowthon, providing games and gift baskets. All profits were donated to the Dayton Children’s Hospital to support children and families during difficult times. Staff members helped organize this event as well and many of you supported by attending or purchasing tickets for the raffle baskets. Our AFJROTC cadets once again collected food and money for needy families here in the community. The cadets work quite diligently to make sure each of the adopted families had plenty of food for a holiday feast and money for Christmas presents. The Child Nutrition Department and the FFA Program helped out with this endeavor as well through the donation of food. Our schools had various food drives, along with warm fuzzy drives (hats, scarfs, mittens) throughout the holiday season and donated the collections to local organizations such as Impact Bethel and the local food pantry in New Carlisle. Our School Resource Officer, Deputy Loney, launched a coat drive for needy students in the district and participated with the Shop with a Cop program benefiting Tecumseh students who were afforded the opportunity to purchase presents. The high school Junior Optimist members spent a month collecting small gifts and items of necessity and gave twenty-five wrapped shoe boxes to teenagers in a local homeless shelter.  Students and staff provided community outreach programs, such as visiting a local nursing home to read holiday stories to the residents, as well as inviting parents and grandparents into the schools and classrooms for celebratory events, to include the awesome holiday concerts and programs throughout the month of December. Our high school choirs shared their talents by visiting all schools to share holiday songs with our students and staff. Our staff also gave the gift of creating a festive atmosphere for students and all who visit the schools to enjoy. One had to merely walk the halls to experience the above and beyond efforts made to adorn the schools with a festive holiday spirit. This is not an exhaustive list of the giving spirit and efforts to help others during this time of the year. It’s merely a small representation of the efforts and kindness shared by the students and staff at Tecumseh Local Schools. It’s an honor to be part of the Tecumseh Local School district and the Arrow family. May 2019 bring us continued reasons to celebrate and share with our students the act of giving and paying it forward for others. In Arrow PRIDE!
Strategic Planning Information
Posted 12/8/2018 at 5:08:53 AM by Paula Crew [staff member]

      This past Thursday we had our third strategic planning committee meeting. The committee has identified the Tecumseh Local Vision and Mission Statements which reads as follows:

Mission Statement: Tecumseh Local Schools is the driving force behind a community of diverse and proudly connected Arrows. We are relentless learners who strive to become better tomorrow than we were today.

Vision Statement: Learning for All ~ Whatever it Takes!

The mission statement is the “work” that we do as a district to realize the vision statement. Hopefully, you recognize the vision statement, as we have embraced this statement for several years. The mission is new and the committee is excited to develop goals that will help us realize our mission statement.

Next, we brainstormed a list of “critical issues” we need to address at Tecumseh Local. We prioritized this list and identified four specific categories, or goals, that we will focus on at our next meeting in January. The four categories include, “Wellness,” “Growth,” “Community Engagement,” and “Fiscal Responsibility.”

I will continue to share information regarding the strategic planning process as our district plan develops. I greatly appreciate the time and effort of the committee members!

Proactive Capital Outlay Planning
Posted 11/27/2018 at 11:32:58 AM by Paula Crew [staff member]

     We are fortunate to have newer buildings at Tecumseh Local Schools. It’s hard to believe it is going on close to twelve years since the new buildings were completed. The first two, Medway Elementary and Donnelsville Elementary were completed in August of 2006. The completion of Tecumseh Middle School, New Carlisle Elementary School and Park Layne Elementary School were opened in January of 2007.  Tecumseh High School opened in August of 2007. Our students are afforded the opportunity to enjoy an education within the newer buildings. This is especially beneficial for climate control, as regardless of the weather outside, our students and staff can have the comfort of quality heating and air to ensure their comfort. We also have a sense of pride when we have parents, community members and visitors from other districts attend events in our buildings, as they are quite stellar. 

         I would like to share with our community that we are taking appropriate proactive measures to keep our buildings in the best shape possible. We have an incredible team of custodians at each of our buildings that work diligently to maintain the cleanliness and upkeep of the buildings. Their routine diligence keeps our buildings looking new. In my opinion, it would be difficult to find a more dedicated custodial team than we have at Tecumseh Local Schools. Many visitors to our schools have commented that it is hard to believe the schools are over a decade old given the pristine condition of the buildings.  

         Another area in which we are being proactive in the upkeep of our buildings is the work we have done to create a capital outlay plan for spending purposes. Specifically, our treasurer, Denise Robinson, Asst. Superintendent Ivan Gehret, our Maintenance Supervisor, Roger Diller and myself have worked this fall to develop this plan. Essentially, we are mapping out the upkeep and replacement of necessary items based upon identified need and available financial revenue. We work to find strategies to elongate the life of our HVAC systems and roofs at each building, as these are the major high dollar replacement cost items. For example, this summer and fall we had an infrared scan completed on all school roofs. The scanning report identified areas of moisture under the roof that could not be detected with a routine inspection. As a result, we were able to take corrective action on these identified areas instead of waiting until the areas were damaged to the point that we would have to replace sections of the roof(s). We are cognizant of the need to stretch the life of our newer buildings to ensure we are getting the maximum amount of years possible.  We continue to be appreciative of our newer buildings and extend our gratitude to our voters who made this possible over a decade ago.

         If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact me at paula.crew@tecumsehlocal.org or 937 845-3576.

Strategic Planning Committee
Posted 11/12/2018 at 5:03:21 AM by Paula Crew [staff member]

      Tecumseh Local Schools is currently involved in the development of a comprehensive strategic planning process. A committee has been organized that includes board members, staff, parents, and community members. At our second meeting last week, members of the administrative team shared a State of the Schools presentation with the committee. The information was designed to provide demographic and financial information, along with specific initiatives underway in the district. Committee members indicated the information was informative. Thus, this prompted me to want to share a bit of this information via my Blog for our collective community to provide you with specific information about our district.

         One initiative that we are working on at Tecumseh Local Schools includes providing support for the whole child, to include working to create an environment where all students find success. We have established a Mental Health Committee in the district, comprised of administrators, school counselors, school psychologists, a school nurse, and our School Resource Officer. Together, the committee analyzes the barriers our students encounter and strategize to implement research-based strategies to meet their specific needs. Specifically, we have worked to increase mental health services and supports for our students, as we find this area to be of great need for many of our students. We have added a guidance counselor beginning this school year to serve the elementary schools, where previously one did not exist. We recognize the need to routinely offer bullying prevention programs and assemblies for our students, as the reduction of bullying behavior is of upmost importance.  Recently, the State Superintendent of Public Education for Ohio, Paolo DeMaria, visited our district. He indicated he wanted to visit, as he was intrigued and had heard about the district’s work in this area. The district will continue to promote opportunities to meet the needs of the whole child. This is imperative, as our students will not realize maximum learning if the barriers that impede their education are not addressed.

         Please contact me at paula.crew@tecumsehlocal.org if you have any questions, or would like additional information.  

Financial Information
Posted 10/26/2018 at 5:17:01 AM by Paula Crew [staff member]

      At Tecumseh Local Schools, we are cognizant of the need to maximize the use of financial revenue generated though local tax dollars and state aid. Since the onset of the school year, we have strategized to save the district substantial costs in multiple areas. 

A large expenditure in all school districts is the cost of copy machines that are needed in all school buildings.   The contract with the current company we leased the copy machines from ended at the end of last school year. We worked diligently to explore other potential companies that we could lease from in an effort to reduce costs in this area. Through the diligent work of our Treasurer Denise Robinson and our Technology Coordinator, Veronica Cassidy, we were able to enter into a lease agreement with a different company. The previous leasing agreement cost the district $100,000 annually, and the new contract will cost approximately $50,000 annually, thus a $50,000 savings.

Treasurer Robinson, Asst. Supt. Gehret and myself spent quite a bit of time investigating the trash removal cost this summer as well, as this is another costly expenditure for school districts. Previously, the district paid approximately $77,000 annually for this service. We explored potential strategies to save costs in this area. We were able to find different company that provides recycling opportunities that will help the district save major costs in its trash removal. The new cost for our trash removal is approximately $27,000 annually compared to the $77,000 previously, thus another $50,000 savings. This was a two-fold positive, as we saved cost and majorly reduced the amount of trash going to area landfills through recycling efforts.

We have not passed a levy for new money in over twenty years at Tecumseh Local Schools. Therefore, it is imperative that we be as strategic as possible with the funding we receive through local tax dollars and state aid. We strive to provide the best education for our students with the financial resources that are generated for the district. Strategizing to save cost in areas such as those detailed above, will help provide opportunities for our students, such as updating the much needed curriculum resources for example, so our students can be successful and be on a level playing field with students in other districts.

I'm happy to answer any questions or discuss our finances and cost-saving plans and initiatives if you would like more information. Please contact me at paula.crew@tecumsehlocal.org.




Curriculum Visits
Posted 10/4/2018 at 5:13:59 AM by Paula Crew [staff member]
We have a District Leadership Team that met this week to conduct curriculum visits. The District Leadership Team (DLT) is comprised of the district administratiors and several teachers representing each school. The purpose of the DLT is to oversee the District Improvement Plan and make appropriate changes to the plan as needed. There are three goals on the plan: Goal One focuses on student academic learning and improvement. Goal Two focuses on supporting positive behavior and the mental health needs of our students. Goal Three focuses on the incorporation of technology useage by teachers and students to enhance student learning. Three times a year the DLT conducts Curriculum Visits. The Curriculum Visits are an opportunity for the DLT members to ascertain the degree to which the strategies outlined in the District Improvement Plan are being incorporated within the classrooms.  A curriculum visit checklist is used to record evidences of specific strategies used. The DLT analyzes the data to determine what areas we need to give additional attention to as identified in the District Improvement Plan. This is a group of committed educators working diligently to improve student learning and achievement.
Powerful Message on In-service Day
Posted 9/23/2018 at 6:07:38 AM by Paula Crew [staff member]
Tecumseh Local staff, joined by the Northwestern Local staff, listened to a presentation by Tim Kight today. Tim Kight is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Focus 3 Foundation. He works with many organizations, including the Ohio State Football team. Tim helps organizations align the power of leaders, culture, and behavior to achieve results. His message in a nutshell is to strive to manage our responses to any given situation, whether it be in the work setting, or in our home lives. The concept E + R = 0 seems simple, but it's quite powerful.  The "E" respresents the events we encounter daily. We all encounter situations or events everyday.  They are going to happen and we can't stop them...but our response or our "R" will determine the "O" or the outcome of those events. We can choose to have a "below the line" response, which will negatvively affect the outcome, or we can choose to have an "above the line" response which will help us problem solve and learn from the event.  We are striving to choose above the line responses at Tecumseh Local Schools.
Cessation Classes at Tecumseh Local Schools
Posted 9/21/2018 at 7:39:38 PM by Paula Crew [staff member]

Tecumseh Local Schools is partnering with the Clark County Combined Health Department to offer cessation classes beginning this week. The classes will be available once a month for our students. Tecumseh Local Schools, along with many districts throughout the nation, have experienced an influx in the usage of e-cigarettes among our high school an middle school students. 

      There will continue to be consequences associated with vaping, smoking, or using any tobacco or nicotine product on school grounds. In addition, we will offer the cessation classes to help inform our students of the dangers associated with vaping and using other tobacco/nicotine products. The class will share strategies with students on how to most effectively quick the use of these products.

We need help from our parents as well. The students are bringing these devices to school.  We encourage parents to talk to their children as well about the dangers of the devices and tobacco/nicotine. If we work together to combat this epidemic, it will be much more productive.

Please see a link to a news story on NBC from this past week which includes information about the class we are offering at Tecumseh Local Schools.


Paula Crew


A Successful Start to a New School Year
Posted 9/8/2018 at 9:05:23 AM by Paula Crew [staff member]

From the Desk of Superintendent Crew

Students and staff members have worked hard to get back into routines for the start of another school year.  Several new positions were added to the district in an effort to support students, staff and parents. We have partnered with the Clark County Commissioners and the Clark County Sheriff’s Department to hire a full-time School Resource Officer, dedicated solely to Tecumseh Local Schools. Deputy John Loney, our SRO, has worked diligently to help provide a safe environment. He has strived to meet as many staff members and students in his short time with us. The connections and positive relationships he is making with our students are quite impactful and, often times, can assist in proactively deterring  potential issues and safety concerns. We would like to thank and acknowledge the Clark County Commissioners for their financial support to cover more than half the cost for Deputy Loney. We’d also like to thank the Clark County Sheriff’s Department for supporting the SRO Program at Tecumseh and throughout Clark County.

All school districts have experienced an increase in the number of students who are in need of counseling services and mental health services. At Tecumseh Local schools we have many initiatives in place to help support our students in this area. Prior to this year, we had guidance counselors at the middle and high school. Recognizing our elementary students, staff and parents are in need of more support, we created a new guidance counselor position beginning with the onset of the school year. Mrs. Meagan Wagner, our new elementary guidance counselor, divides her time between Donnelsville, New Carlisle and Park Lanye Elementary Schools. We have established a mental health committee at Tecumseh Local Schools.  The committee works to determine the specific needs in our district and researches potential strategies and initiatives that will support this area most effectively.

Recently, the district offered staff members, parents, and community members the opportunity to complete a survey.  The survey is the first step in a comprehensive strategic planning process we are embarking on at Tecumseh Local Schools. We had an excellent response to the survey, with close to 600 individuals completing it. We would like to thank those who took the time and effort to respond. We are currently in the process of organizing a strategic planning committee.  Individuals on the committee will include staff, parents, and community members. During the first meeting, scheduled for October 11th, committee members will analyze the survey responses, which is the first step in creating a strategic plan.

It’s an honor to work at Tecumseh Local Schools. We have  dedicated staff members, parents, and community members that work hard to provide an excellent educational opportunity for our students. If you have any additional questions, or would like more detail about the information shared, please do not hesitate to contact me at paula.crew@tecumsehlocal.org.  I welcome any opportunity to talk with you about Tecumseh Local Schools.
An Outstanding Start to the School Year!
Posted 8/22/2018 at 6:38:10 PM by Paula Crew [staff member]

We are off to a great start to the school year. I’d like to express my gratitude to ALL of our staff members who worked diligently to prepare for the return of our students! Each contributed to this team effort in a unique way. I’d also like to thank the parents for helping your students return to a new school year, attending open houses, and sharing your child with us!

We’ve had a busy first week with many positive initiatives happening throughout the district. I’m not sure if you are aware, but we have collected plastic bottle lids as a district for the past year. The students in Mrs. Wright’s classroom at Tecumseh High School started this recycling project with a goal to collect 400 pounds. This amount of plastic lids can be converted into a recycled bench. The students reached their goal last year, and a red and black bench is now located at the west side of Tecumseh High School for all to enjoy.

What we found is people continued collecting the lids and turning them into the district. So, what began as a single-class initiative, morphed into a recycling project with the entire district and community involved in the collection of plastic lids. This collection went on throughout the year and into the summer. On our first day of school the lids were weighed and loaded into a large box truck. The total weight…one ton! The plastic was taken to a recycling center and in exchange, Tecumseh Local was given FIVE more recycled benches! The benches will be donated to different schools and throughout the community in the next couple of months. We are still collecting plastic lids and plan to continue with this recycling project in the future.

The momentum of the community and the district working together to make this happen is exciting. What this tells us is we can do anything if we work together as a united front. I’m looking forward to the many more things we can do together for the betterment of our district, our community, and most of all our students!

Safety Training for the Transportation Department
Posted 8/10/2018 at 6:56:32 PM by Paula Crew [staff member]
Our bus drivers participated in safety training this week.  Drivers reviewed appropriate responses to take if dangerous situations develop on the school bus.  Some of the scenarios they practiced responding to included an intruder coming on the bus, a weapon on the bus, and evacuating the bus in the event of a fire.  I'd like to extend the district's appreciation to the New Carlisle Fire Department and the Bethel Fire Department for their assistance and expertise today.  They helped by fogging the bus to simulate smoke in order to make the drill more authentic.  Drivers took turns practicing evaculating students under these conditions.
Safety and security is continuously on our radar at Tecumseh Local Schools. We continue to explore additonal methods to provide training for our staff and implement addditonal safety measures at Tecumseh Local Schools. 
Clark County Fair Begins
Posted 7/20/2018 at 6:44:21 AM by Paula Crew [staff member]
The Clark County Fair begins today through next week.  This is the exciting culminating event for many students, staff and parents of our district, as it reflects hours of preparation and hard work.  The students, and often times parents as well, have spent hours caring for their livestock and animals throughout the winter and spring months.  This includes routine early mornings and late night feedings and cleaning of stalls.  The FFA Proram at Tecumseh Local Schools provide students an opportunity to develop a strong work ethic and responsbility as they care for their animals.  I encourage people to take time to visit our students at the barns as well as the numerous students projects at the fair.  Thank you for all involved in making this opportunity possible for our students!
Welcome New Administrative Team Members!
Posted 7/1/2018 at 10:06:35 AM by Paula Crew [staff member]
I am thrilled with the additions to the administrative team we have to begin a new school year at Tecumseh Local.  The change started with our new Treasurer, Denise Robinson in January.  Denise has been a crucial addition to our team, as her years of experience as a school treasurer has already resulted in major savings in several areas for the district.  More recently, the BOE approved the promotion of Mr. Ivan Gehret from High School Principal to Assistant Superintendent.  Although he officially begins this position on August 1st, he has already started taking on projects and responsibilities this summer.  I am looking forward to partnering with Mr. Gehret to lead this incredible district.  At the board meeting last week, the BOE approved the hire of our new High School Principal, Mr. Aaron Oakes.  Mr. Oakes comes to us from Tipp City High School, where he served as the Assistant Principal.  Mr. Oakes plans to continue with the implementation of PBIS at the high school, which is a system that provides positive systems and strategies of support to serve all students.  This is something I support and feel strongly about to help our students succeed, regardless of the barriers they face.  Lastly, the BOE at Tuesday's meeting approved the hire of Ms. Beth Moore as our new Curriculum Specialist.  Ms. Moore has taught fifth grade in our district for close to twenty years.  Her expertise is in the area of reading literacy, curriculum development and data analysis.  She will be a vital asset to assist our administrative team and staff as we continue to improve the learning process for all students K-12.  This is an exciting time at Tecumseh Local Schools as we add these new positions to an already excellent administrative team.

Safety and Security are on the forefront at Tecumseh Local Schools
Posted 6/22/2018 at 5:33:55 AM by Paula Crew [staff member]
 Safety and security measures are contstantly on the forefront at Tecumseh Local Schools.  The Board of Education and our staff continuously evaluate our needs and execute plans to maximize the safety for our students and staff.  Most recently, the Board of Education approved the hiring of a School Resource Officer assigned solely to Tecumseh Local Schools.  We'd like to welcome Deputy John Loney, who will be our School Resource Office effective with the onset of the upcoming school year.  Deputy Loney's office will be at the high school, but he will be actively involved with students and staff in all of our school buildings.  Deputy Loney is a veteran deputy with the Clark County Sheriff's Department and he is excited to get started!
We'd like to extend our appreciation to the Clark County Commissioners who stepped up to help cover over half the cost for employing Deputy Loney.  They were receptive of our request for assistance, which I appreciate on behalf of the welfare of the Tecumseh Local School District. We'd also like to express our appreciation to personnel at the Clark County Sheriff's Department for their support and assistance in making the School Resource Officer program possible.
Summer Food Programs
Posted 6/15/2018 at 9:05:47 PM by Paula Crew [staff member]

There are several food programs available for our students this summer. Impact Bethel will once again be hosting their annual summer lunch program. Free lunches will be served to area children starting Monday, June 4th through Friday, August 3rd at two locations. The locations include the shelter houses in Smith and Raynor Park. The Park Layne location will move to Good Shepherd United Methodist Church on days it rains. The program is available for children up to eighteen years of age who live in the Tecumseh Local School District.

Second Harvest Food Bank will host a summer food program every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at New Carlisle Elementary beginning June 12th and ending July 26th from 1:15 – 2:15 for students eighteen years of age and younger. Students will receive a box lunch that will usually be a hot meal. Students will also receive fresh fruit and vegetables and a “go pack” of non-perishable food each Thursday to take home.  A food pantry will be available on these days for parents to visit.

We are fortunate to have these organizations and volunteers to assist with summer food needs. 

Please contact me at paula.crew@tecumsehlocal.org with any qeustions. 

Greetings from Tecumseh Local Schools
Posted 6/9/2018 at 5:45:10 AM by Paula Crew [staff member]
I am honored to be the next superintendent of Tecumseh Local Schools.  We have an amazing district with a team of dedicated staff that strive to meet the needs of all students.  Communication is paramount.  My plan is to use this Blog platform to share information and events, as well as celebrate the successes happening at TLS.  I welcome questions and communication you may have for me.  My email address is paula.crew@tecumsehlocal.org.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have quesitons about our school district.

                              "Learning for All ~ Whatever it Takes!" 


<br/>About Mrs. Crew

Superintendent Paula Crew
Mrs. Paula Crew has served as an administrator with Tecumseh Local Schools since 2003.  She spent a decade as the Director of Special Education and Professional Development, and five years as the Assistant Superintendent, until her promotion to Superintendent in the spring of 2018.  Prior to working at Tecumseh Local Schools, Mrs. Crew began her career as a teacher for students with special needs followed by an assistant principal at Clark-Shawnee Schools. She is also a veteran, serving six years in the military.  Mrs. Crew enjoys being actively involved in many of the school and community initiatives and events and has a passion for education and Tecumseh Local Schools. Her educational philosophy supports that of the district, Learning for All ~ Whatever it Takes!
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