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Goal Three

Goal Three - Technology in the 21st Century

In the 2016-2017 school year, students will continue to acquire the technical skills needed to be a productive 21st century learner as measured by district, state, and/or national assessments.


Teachers will integrate and use technology in instruction and assessment.

Adult Implementation Indicators

  1. All teachers will integrate technology in instruction, activities and /or assessment as measured by TBT minutes, classroom / curriculum visits and device usage.

Student Performance Measures

  1. All students will demonstrate participation in and achieve at least a “skilled” level of performance on a DLT created rubric by grade level and / or content area.

Action Steps

  1. Monitor the creation, implementation, and evaluation of at least one technology-based activity at least once a quarter in all grade levels.

  2. Monitor the preparation of students for online assessments. (ESGI, NWEA, Mastery Manager, State Assessments)

  3. Provide professional development opportunities for all teachers to gain in the use of technology.

  4. Develop a technology committee comprised of representatives from each building.

  5. Create a district/building rubric, with essential tech skills to be met by the time the students leave that building.
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