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Goal Two

Goal Two - Safe and Caring Environment

In the 2016-2017 school year, Tecumseh Local Schools will continue to create a positive and caring learning environment where students feel supported both emotionally and academically and students, staff and community feel safe and respected as measured by multiple points of data (including, but not limited to bullying reports, surveys, discipline data, etc.)


Create a district-wide culture and climate that promotes teaching, learning and healthy living.

Adult Implementation Indicators

  1. All staff will consistently implement the school-wide Positive Behavior Intervention System as measured by district data collection (discipline data, positive referrals, SAS data, PBIS Reward Data).

  2. All staff will monitor student well-being and emotional health as measured by referrals to district/outside service providers (Family and Youth Initiatives - Peer Mentoring and Peer Listening Programs, Clark County Sheriff Educational Service Officer, Developmental Disabilities.)

  3. Tecumseh Local Mental Health Committee will continue to investigate best practices in social skills instruction and programs and share with administrators and DLT.

  4. Students will work with adults in small groups to teach social skills (lunch buddies, fit club, wellness groups, small group counseling groups, Check In/Check Out, positive office referrals)

Student Performance Measures

  1. District-wide students will improve / maintain their behavior as measured by district data collection (Positive Referrals, PBIS Rewards Data).

  2. District-wide students will demonstrate improved emotional well being by reducing their engagement in at risk behaviors as measured by data collection (Counseling referrals, bullying reports, intimidation / harassment reports).

  3. District-wide students will improve / maintain their attendance as measured by district attendance data.

Action Steps

  1. Consistently reinforce high-level, positive behavior across the building and in every classroom.

  2. Celebrate positive student behavior and academic achievement. (i.e. student of the month, citizen of the month, office brag books, positive office referrals, Arrow cards, etc.)

  3. Seek and develop community partnerships to support emotional and physical health and promote healthy living. (Partnership with Family Youth and Initiatives, Clark County Sheriff’s Department, Safety Coalition)

  4. Incorporate the teaching of social skills and behavior/self monitoring strategies in each building.
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