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Levy Information

What types of levies do we have?

A school levy is a tax on property that is collected to support schools in Ohio. There are two basic kinds of levies or issues: operating levies, which support the operation of a school district; and bond issues, which support construction and maintenance of a school district’s real property. 

Please use the following link for additional information regarding school district levies.

Emergency Levy - funds go directly into the general fund to pay for day to day operations such as salaries, benefits, utlities, instructional material/supplies, academic programs, etc.
Emergency Levy #1
  • First approved in May 1982
  • $712,000
  • Last passed November 8, 2016 for 5 years

Emergency Levy #2 & Emergency Levy #3 were combined in November 2019

  • First approved in February 1987 and May 1995
  • Combined total $2,106,398 ($791,000 + $1,315,398)
  • Last passed on November 5th, 2019
  • Renewal needed in 2024

Permanent Improvement Levy - funds go directly into the Permanent Improvement Fund and can be used to acquire, construct, or improve permanent improvements with an expected useful life of five years or more. Example: furniture, textbooks, buses, roof repairs.

  • First approved in November 1990
  • Not to exceed 4 mills (approximately $700,000 per year)
  • Last passed November 4, 2014 for 5 years
  • Renewal needed in 2019


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