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Learning For All ~ Whatever It Takes!

School Profile

About Park Layne Elementary

Park Layne Elementary
12335 Dille Rd.
New Carlisle, Ohio  45344
Phone:  937-845-4470  
Fax:  937-849-6750
Principal:  Karyl Strader 
Secretaries:  Tara Jackson and Janice Sandy
Phone:  (937) 845-4470
Fax:  (937) 849-6750

Grades served:  K - 1
Student enrollment:  450
Faculty:  30
Percentage of courses taught by teachers with appropriate certification:  100%

Park Layne Elementary School Mission Statement
The mission of Park Layne Elementary School is to educate and guide our students to reach their highest potential and become responsible citizens.

Tecumseh School Pledge
Today is a new day.  I am the best student I can be.
I finish my work.
I respect others.
I play fairly.
I am proud of all I do and say.

"Learning for all - whatever it takes"
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