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At TMS we are promoting the R-Factor with students and staff to continue to grow individuals not only as learners but as impactful leaders.  The R-Factor focuses on the simple formula E+R=O; E is an Event often out of our control, R is the Response that we do control which equals the O or Outcome.  R-Factor also focuses on Above the Line and Below the Line behaviors. Above the Line behavior is intentional, on purpose and skillful. The opposite behavior is Below the Line.  It is impulsive, on autopilot and resistant. As a building we working to improve our “R”s and use Above the Line behavior to be successful. 

The R-Factor theory was developed by Tim Kight and his Focus3 Company.  Tecumseh Local Administrators were able to see Mr. Kight at an Administrative Retreat in early August 2018.  We are working to get staff and students on board with the R-Factor to impact the culture of our community.  We are working to be relentless to eliminate BCD behavior (Don’t Blame, Complain or Defend) because it has never solved a problem, achieved a goal, or improved a relationship. We are on a  journey to change our behaviors; we are focused on solutions and how to respond to challenges. It is much more difficult to take ownership and commit to being part of a solution.

            Many examples are on display on the Tecumseh Middle School Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/TMS_Arrows
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