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2019-2020 School Year

If you have moved be sure you have updated the information with your child's school building.  You can update this online.  On the disctrict's main page, under the "Parents" tab.  Click on "Oneview-Online Documents" to update your address.
If you need to change your child's current transportation schedule for the new school year, please contact our office at 937/845-4492. 
We need any changes submitted by August 16th to be routed for the first week of school. 
Bus routes for the new school year will be posted on this webpage at the beginning of August. 
Frequently Asked Questions
What can I do to help my child ride the bus safely?

Please remind and encourage them to stay at least 10 feet away from the bus when they are getting on and off and to wait and watch for the driver’s hand signals to cross the street.


How early should my child be at their bus stop?

We recommend 5-10 minutes before the bus is expected to arrive.  With changes in weather, road conditions/obstructions, students riding, and so forth, the times on the bus route can vary.  Your child is required to be out at their bus stop, ready to board the bus when it arrives.


What if my child needs to ride another bus after school?

Bus passes are granted on a limited basis and only if clearly unavoidable/emergency situation occurs.  If your child needs to ride a bus other than their assigned bus for the afternoon route, you will need to send a note with your child to school.  When your child gets to school, he/she needs to take your note to the office to be approved.  If the office approves the note, then your child will be given a bus pass to take with him/her to the bus driver.  If your child does not have a bus pass for the alternate bus, then your child will not be allowed to ride that bus. 


Why was my child’s note to ride another bus not approved?

If the alternate bus that your child needed to ride is full, we will not approve any extra students to ride that bus so as not to overload the bus. 

We do not approve changes in buses for play dates, sleepovers, just riding to a friend’s house, etc.  Parents must arrange their own transportation for these issues.


How does discipline on the bus work?

The bus driver’s main concern is to keep the students safe while being able to keep their focus and concentration on driving.  If the driver feels it is necessary, he/she may assign seats to any or all students.  He/she may assign writing sentences instead of sending a formal write up to the principal.  If he/she does officially write up a discipline report on your child, it is sent to the principal and the principal will decide the appropriate punishment.


What are the bus rules?

Basically all the same rules that apply to the classroom also apply on the bus.  It is very important to stay seated at all times and to keep your head, arms, hands, etc. inside the bus at all times.  The bus rules are clearly posted on each bus. 


What happens if my child goes to a school in Springfield, like CTC?

Your child can ride their regular bus to the high school in the morning and then get on the bus that will go into Springfield.  If your child drives or is dropped off at the high school, they need to be here by 7:00 a.m.  The bus leaves the high school parking lot at 7:05 a.m..  The same bus that takes them to Springfield in the morning will bring them to their home in the afternoon.

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